23min of Ska : Look! It’s the 6th Anniversary Show

23ska-diceIt’s true listeners, we’ve made it to the 6 year mark! I’m not going to lie, I never thought I’d take it this far! I figured I’d give it a good shot for 3 years and see how things go. Due to the support of many listeners and many bands I’ve been happy to continue doing this little podcast for any ska fan that downloads it. Thanks, for real, thanks!

00:00 – the Siren Six! – All in the Family (UK Version) (the Voice with the Built in Promise ’97)
03:50 – BOP (harvey) – Man in Disguise (Bread & Circuses ’90)
06:28 – the Smooths – Look Out (No Breaks ’98)
09:51 – My Man Friday – Dissatisfied (Night of the Exotic Tiki Gods ’99)
13:39 – the Stretch Band – Lounging in a Mood Rut (Armstrong ’99)
15:38 – Fighting Gravity – Sally Brown (live) (Hello Cleveland ’99)
19:46 – the Insteps – Always Remember (Eleven Steps to Power ’96)

Show support for the bands by clicking on those links and checking out their websites and music! Show support for the podcast by finding & liking 23min of Ska on facebook as well as follow on twitter.

Also, feel free to download this episode if you wanna keep it forever.

Another way to support the podcast is to buy some records from our partners in crime over at Grandpa’s Casino Recordings, they carry some great vinyl ska records!

2 responses to “23min of Ska : Look! It’s the 6th Anniversary Show

  1. You have no idea how good you are. You have the best ska collection. A constant dig for the greatest hits. I have about 200 ska cds. And it is all i collect. Now i buy some digitally. How much percent of your collection is records??

    • Andy, thank you for the kind words! I do have a rather large CD and vinyl collection, and most of it is ska or ska/punk. Last count (a few years ago) I had about 1,000 CDs and 450 pieces of vinyl. When I was a kid in the mid ’90s and was getting into music, I bought about a CD a week, and vinyl when ever I could find it for cheap. Built up a big collection that is kind of difficult to cart around whenever I move! I do tend to buy more digital now, just for the space saving but also the cash savings. No shipping charges for digital. I also usually buy digital when a band has a bandcamp page set up, as I know the money is going to them pretty directly. When I order physical media anymore it is when a band does a crowd funding thing, or from small and great labels. Other than that, I usually will pick up an album from a band when they come to town, even if I got it from them digitally in the past. I don’t have a total on my digital library, so I can’t give a good breakdown on my digital vs. my physical, but it is a safe bet that anything I play that was released after 2010 has a higher chance of being from a digital album I own, rather than a physical one.

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