23min of Ska : Hey, High Fives All Around!

23ska roofFive! The countdown is real… in case you haven’t noticed for the last eighteen episodes the titles have been counting down… but to what? Truth be told, it might be counting down to the end. The end of the podcast proper? When I started the countdown, yes, this is exactly what it was leading to. But I’m having second thoughts. Months ago when this countdown started it was when I was getting hardly any downloads, listens, shares, likes, what-have-you and zero feedback. It was depressing. Ska isn’t supposed to depress people. Then the month of January hit… and it has been crazy! Huge download numbers, a number of new listeners and several supportive comments… I’m kind of shocked. It makes me want to keep going. So what are we counting down to? Listeners, tell me what you want from this podcast, we’ll go from there! This show is nothing with out you and the bands, I’m just a middle man, hit me up, let me know! Maybe we’re just counting down to an even better version of 23min of Ska!

00:00 – Jorge & the Landladies – Stop Locking the Front Door (Monobound ’12)
03:16 – Coolidge – Turn the Other Way (the 5 Best Songs in the World : Volume 1 ’14)
06:23 – the Arrogant Sons of Bitches – the Last Bell I Will Ever Hear (Three Cheers for Disappointment ’06)
07:31 – the JB Conspiracy – the Last Time (the Storm ’13)
11:10 – MU330 – San Fransisco (MU330 ’99)
12:46 – the Holophonics – Golden Boy and the Rock (Don’t Mess with the Holophonics ’15)
16:58 – Hub City Stompers – Ska Train to Dorkville (Ska Ska Black Sheep ’09)
21:19 – Propagandhi – Ska Sucks (How to Clean Everything ’93)

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Another way to support the podcast is to buy some records from our partners in crime over at Grandpa’s Casino Recordings, they carry some great vinyl ska records!

4 responses to “23min of Ska : Hey, High Fives All Around!

  1. I would hate to see this blog go away. It’s been inspirational. Personally I like what you are doing and wouldn’t change anything. You have a great mix of old and new. Personally, I like the punk style more but you have given me a great appreciation of the Rocksteady style. It’s really expanded my library. I would like to keep seeing new bands on the list. Keep scouring fests like Ska by Skawest, Fistful of Ska and Skappleton to find anything new. I see this 23 minutes as the primer for my ska investigations for the week. Again, I understand how this can get you down. I’m beaten working on stuff behind the scenes and lost my audience in my silence. You are doing a great job. I couldn’t fault you for shutting down but it would be a huge loss to the ska community.

    • Dan, you are the best. I don’t know if I can go full stop on the show. I like doing the show, but I just need a bigger listenership to justify the cost and time I put in, but even more so that I feel OK with bands sharing their songs with the show in hopes of exposure that they may not get. It really weighs on me that I’m not getting these great bands more notoriety when they’ve been so good to me and fans of the show!

  2. Man, if this went away I don’t know what I’d do. I don’t listen to it every week, and I have a backlog, but those times where I really want some deep cuts (for me at least) I come to you. Those times when my own ska library starts feeling a little stale, I come to 23 minutes of Ska.

    • Thank you for the comment! I’m not sure I’ll stop the show. I may go every other week again. I love doing the show, but after 6 years it isn’t really growing. I want everyone to hear these bands, but I need more people to listen to this show! I have trouble getting the word out. So, uh, tell yr friends about the show! That’ll go a long way! Also thank you for listening all this time, and the Dead Milkmen rule!

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