23min of Ska : Nation X

23skaNATIONXThey said it couldn’t be done… wait… maybe they said it shouldn’t be done… that seems more likely… either way, here it is, more songs and bands than have ever been stuffed into a single episode of 23min of Ska. 23min of Ska is always coming at you with a lot of great ska music, we’re just pushing the envelope this time.

00:00 – Less Than Jake – a Short History Lesson (See the Light ’13)
01:44 – Dance Hall Crashers – Triple Track (Short Music for Short People ’99)
02:14 – the Holophonics – Silhouette (Don’t Mess with the Holophonics ’15)
03:44 – the Robustos – Return of Loveroy (Introducing…. ’97)
04:26 – the Last Slice – CD Skips (Fresh Cuts ’12)
05:30 – Be Like Max – Skankin Joe (Just Tryin’ to Fit in… Ur Mom ’14)
06:20 – the Toasters – Moon Ska Stomp (2 Tone Army ’11)
07:15 – Goldfinger – My Girlfriend’s Shower Sucks (Goldfinger ’96)
08:17 – Hörinfarkt – Zu fett fuer diesen Sommer (AbhörSKAndal ’14)
10:04 – Big D & the Kids Table – Social Muckary (Stomp ’13)
11:55 – Unsteady – Darkie Love Affair (Tightrope ’96)
13:28 – Catch Twenty-Two – Riding the Fourth Wave (Keasbey Nights ’98)
15:16 – the Good Skamaritans – Love by Default (Let’s Rawk ’02)
17:01 – the Amphetameanies – Theme from Radio Spytime (Right Line in Nylons ’00)
18:34 – MU330 – the Struggle of Helen (Crab Rangoon ’97)
20:22 – Sounds Like Chicken – 232 Degrees (…Like a Cannonball to the Ocean Floor ’04)
22:01 – Bruce Lee Band – AGH!!! (Community Support Group ’14)

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Another way to support the podcast is to buy some records from our partners in crime over at Grandpa’s Casino Recordings, they carry some great vinyl ska records!

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