23min of Ska : Peach

23skaBUBBLEGUMHere we are. Another week older. Another week wiser. Another week with an episode of 23min of Ska for all of you! This episode seems like a throwback to the early episodes of this show. Hope that it isn’t too “third wave-y” for anyone. But yeah, just like every week, I’m glad you are there to listen. It means a lot that you keep “podcasting” in, checking the facebook or the website each week. So thanks! This episode is for all the supporters out there, present, future, and past!

00:00 – Madness – House of Fun (House of Fun ’82)
02:36 – MU330 – Baby Rats (MU330 ’99)
05:40 – the Kingpins – Let’s Go to Work (Let’s Go BACK to Work ’17)
08:04 – Big D & the Kids Table – Fly Away (Strictly Rude ’07)
09:46 – Hepcat – I Can’t Wait (Right On Time ’97)
13:06 – the Meow Meows – Off Again (Go Boom! ’16)
16:12 – Sammy K & the East los Three – Bye Bye (Sammy K & the East los Three ’12)
19:02 – Johnny Socko – Hasslehoff (Full Trucker Effect ’97)

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3 responses to “23min of Ska : Peach

  1. Man, your program is really something ele. But I really miss that comics theme… Ideas for New themes:

    Think about it 😉

    • Something else, eh? I hope you mean that in a good way!

      I’ve been kicking ideas around for another comics theme for a bit. I loved doing those X-Men ones, and the Seven Soldiers of Victory episodes too. Right now I wouldn’t know what to pick. I mean, I’ve already referenced the Invisibles quite a bit so that seems most likely, but also I’ve resisted because it’s not as well known. Same with thinking about doing a WildStorm comics theme. X-Men is one of the big comics that I was actually into, so that made it pretty easy for me. Also it was fun rereading those old comics and trying to find songs to slyly reference the storylines. But I’d bet money on the fact that there’s going to be more comics references in the future of this podcast!

      • Hahaha, let me try again. Your is awesome, and the best about this theme. Grant Morrison stuff is like a pinata and I think you can do something really impressive. Success and remember: “the sentence is up.”

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