23min of Ska : Sherbet

23skaSHERBETWhat is it with the human condition that makes us so sure of things even when they’re false. Why won’t we accept reality as it is and learn and even grow. No, we dig our heels in and refuse to hear truths. Sometimes we even double down on our misguided beliefs and accuse the truth tellers to be liars. There are even people out there who will come up with crazy cosmic ideas that boil down to “No! No! The rest of the world is wrong, I cannot make a mistake or misremember anything!” Sorry, but we all do it. We all make mistakes and hear and misremember things, it happens. It’s best to open your mind and listen a little bit, even do a little independent research if need to. No worries. Let’s all grow and learn together, and stop holding ourselves back.

00:00 – the Slackers – I Still Love You (Redlight ’97)
03:11 – 78 RPM’s – Pawn Takes King (Go ’98)
05:08 – the Dendrites – Bad Luck Jerome (Damn Right ’17)
08:57 – Slow Gherkin – I Can’t Stand (Shed Some Skin ’98)
12:17 – the Good Skamaritans – You’ll See (Time to Save the World ’00)
14:13 – Jr. Thomas & the Venditions – Do You Really Love Me (Jr. Thomas Meets the Venditions ’13)
17:02 – the A-OKs – Showdown (Words are Not for Eating ’10)
19:38 – the JB Conspiracy – Pipe Down (This Machine ’07)

Also, feel free to download this episode if you wanna keep it forever.

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