23min of Ska : Bobsled

23skaCOASTER10As always I’m trying to bring you a whole batch of new ska. I really hope you like this episode and that you’ve found a new band or two to check out. I think these are all fine fine acts that could use your ears (on recorded songs and live) as well as your wallets (if you have anything to give, that is.) Thanks so much of listening, it means a lot!

00:00 – Runaway Ricochet –  Young Adults (Gas Station Culture ’18)
03:31 – Big D & the Kids Table – Set Me Straight (For the Damned the Dumb and the Delirious ’11)
05:34 – ESCARIOKA – la Nueva Era (Pachahuaska ’18)
08:42 – Thirteen Towers – Burning Bridges (Two-Banana Habit ’18)
12:13 – Paul the Kid – Sinking Dreaming (Swimming Through the Milky Way ’17)
14:40 – For the Record – Ode to Suck (This is Fine ’18)
17:51 – Simple Minded Symphony – Mind Blind (Arrival ’18)

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