23min of Ska : Steeplechase

23skaCOASTER12We’re starting today’s episode off with a brand new song from We Are The Union from their new album. Also, damn, check out the rest of this fantastic ska that I’m bringing you! Seriously, get dancing!

00:00 – We Are The Union – a Better Home (Self Care ’18)
02:26 – Contenders – Πενηνταέξι (56) (Contenders / Bluebeat Company split ’16)
04:48 – the Classy Wrecks – If I were to Tell You (Bedrocksteady ’18)
07:59 – the Georgetown Orbits – High Noon (Solar Flares ’18)
11:41 – Ratatouille – Portwien (Greetings from Ratatouille ’17)
14:16 – Cynimatics – Ninety Degrees in Khakis (Unify ’18)
16:36 – Bumsy and the Moochers – the Truth (the Truth ’18)
19:54 – Show Me Island – Don’t Call Me Baby (Ring Around & Run ’16)

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