23min of Ska : the BIB Records / DVS Media Special!

23skaBIBDVSSo BIB Records and DVS Media are two different record labels… but they seem to be a bit intertwined. A handful of albums seemingly came out around the same time on each label, both operated seemingly out of the Boston area and they co-released at least one ska compilation. In the end, I don’t know the true story behind them (and I think that I’ll probably be finding out from the slightly older, or more “in-the-know” ska crowd as soon as I publish this) …but I do know this, and this is the important part, they both put out some killer ska music!

00:00 – Bim Skala Bim – Skeleton (Eyes & Ears ’95)
03:06 – Steady Earnest – Please Go Away (Out of Line ’93)
06:15 – Dion Knibb & the Agitators – Caribbean Eskimo (Driving Me Mad ’98)
09:10 – the infamous SHOELESS JOE – Back On Up (diversionary tactics ’00)
13:02 – Johnny Socko – Madame Blavatsky (Oh, I do Hope it’s Roast Beef! ’95)
16:13 – Metro Stylee – 13 Blackbirds (Soul Garage Ska ’98)
20:21 – Six Foot Deep – Skankin’ in the Boneyard (It Came from Six Foot Deep ’97)

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2 responses to “23min of Ska : the BIB Records / DVS Media Special!

  1. Big thanks to 23 minutes of Ska for this cool show they put up. Back in the late 80’s through till 2002 I managed both DVS Media and BIB Records.
    DVS was Vinny Nobile, Mr. Beautiful and I. BIB Records was all members of Bim investing and helping to choose bands to work with. DVS was mostly just Vinny and I who chose all the tracks for the 4 Mashin Up The Nation,5 Mash It Up’s, and the Joint Ventures in Ska comps. Vinny Nobile produced Metro Stylee and I produced Dion Knibb and the Agitators, All three Steady Earnest albums were produced by all the other SE members and myself. I handled all the orders, faxing and phone work, Mark Ferranti ran the warehousing and shipping and Rick Barry did accounting for both labels. Both Rick and I had our offices in our basements for the first few years and at that time Mark was warehousing throughout his house.

  2. Hey, I just went back and checked all your other shows on this link. You rule, thank you so very much for all your support for Bim, BIB, and DVS.

    The Mash It Up comps still hold up well and I think you would like them…..write me at shantydan@netzero.com and I’ll mail you some stuff you may not have. Let me know if you want cd,wav,or mp3.

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