23min of Ska : Threes & Eights

23skaTRUCKER3sand8sWelcome to the 18th and latest session of 23min of Ska. This session is all about trucker slang because why not, it’s my podcast, I’ll do what I want. I’m pulling back on the intense art commitment this time around, but I may make a few tweaks as I go on. Also, I’m taking a break for the next 23 episodes w/ doing the ska label highlights, those were fun, and I’m totally going to do something like that again, but not anytime soon.

This episode changed a lot over the last several weeks. I thought it was basically finished in late December. I then took a week off because I wanted to enjoy my limited Christmas time off, and because I wanted this session to occur all in 2020. Then I did two listener selected episodes because I was lazy. I got those listener episodes set up quick too. Hell, those episodes were done a put together by the first, and honestly, I was only going to run “You Call It Vol. 18” and save “You Call It Vol. 19” for the Summer. Then I got the news that my friend Jason Lawless had passed. And it hurt. And I knew I had to make some changes to this episode’s playlist.

In changing the tracklist I yanked out the ska/punk and changed the opening song. Lawless was always more of a traditionalist, but would still let me natter on about ska/punk and ska/pop and the like. He was also always a supporter of  23min of Ska and of me. It can be odd making new friends as an adult, especially in a scene where everyone else has known each other for years but Lawless never let me feel like an outsider. Hell, neither have any of the people he introduced me to! He was great to this weirdo out of the Midwest when he had no reason to be, and I could never thank him enough for it. Lawless will be forever missed by all who knew him, I count myself lucky to have been one of them. This episode and the next 22 are dedicated to him, his support, his passion, and his “Lawless-ness.” Thanks for everything.

00:00 – the Skatalites – Lawless Street (Ska Boo-Da-Ba ’65)
03:14 – the Hacklers – Bring it Back (Between the Lines ’16)
06:50 – the Scotch Bonnets – Hair Did (Come on Over ’19)
10:41 – the Loving Paupers – Where’s My Wave (Lines ’19)
14:13 – Tommy Tornado and the Clerks – Back on Track (Back on Track ’19)
18:07 – Pocket Billiards – My Next Last Time (Troubles Edge ’19)
20:59 – Venus Hill – Back on My Feet (Whatever ’02)

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