You Call It Vol. 22

I asked my listener base for what they thought was the best song they heard in 2021. It didn’t need to have come out in 2021, but that was the year they heard the song. I got a TON of great songs to pick from, so here it is! If it’s a good episode, then I picked the best from what was suggested, and if it isn’t, I blame all the people that told me what to play… just kidding, I love you all!

00:00 – Big D & the Kids Table – Med Her Lazy (DO YOUR OWN ART ’21)
01:56 – Western Standard Time Ska Orchestra – Monolith Ska (Tombstone ’21)
06:31 – Catbite – Excuse Me Miss (Nice One ’21)
09:30 – Death Rosenstock – NO TIME TO SKANK (SKA DREAM ’21)
10:56 – We Are The Union – Morbid Obsessions (Ordinary Life ’21)
13:56 – the Interrupters – Bad Guy (Bad Guy ’19)
16:30 – Flying Raccoon Suit – Toss and Turn (Afterglow ’21)
20:12 – the Best of the Worst – Better Medicine (Better Medicine ’21)

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