23min of Ska : 500 Episodes and Nothing to Listen to

500 episodes of 23min of Ska!
What the absolute heck?
How have I reached this lofty number?
Support from my wife, kittens, and all the great listeners and bands that allow me to share their fantastic music, that’s how!
It’s been a long road, but damn, I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Thanks for listening.
I mean really, THANKS!

00:00 – King Kong 4 – Paper Sky (Paper Sky ’22)
03:16 – Kill Lincoln – Confession Obsession (Can’t Complain ’20)
05:36 – RudeSix – LaLaLa (LaLaLa ’22)
09:30 – the Loving Paupers – the Words (Lines ’19)
12:44 – Suspense Heroes Syndicate – This City (Viva!: Songs of Freedom comp ’22)
15:43 – the Bandulus – Worries (Still Stubborn Vol. 3 comp ’22)
19:23 – Shuka Saito – PiPiPi (PiPiPi ’21)

Download this episode so you can listen to it any time you’d like!

23min of Ska is produced weekly by RJ Phoenix
Televisions photo by The UnPixie
Want to submit your band? Email: submissions@23ska.com
(no Spotify or Youtube links please)
Have something else to say? Email: podcast@23ska.com

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