23min of Ska : Six Word Song Title Gimmick Epiosde

This episode’s just six word songs.

00:00 – Joker’s Republic – Anxiety (Getting In My Own Head) (Necessary Evil ’22)
03:11 – the Bruce Lee Band – Did You Find the Money Farm? (One Step Forward. Two Steps Back. ’22)
06:12 – the Slackers – Don’t Let the Sunlight Fool Ya (Don’t Let the Sunlight Fool Ya ’22)
09:23 – the Reseters – I Left My Love On Frontline (내 사랑은 최전방에 ’21)
12:47 – Alex Dominish – There’s Always Someone Cooler Than You (FOLDS – a Ska Tribute to Ben Folds comp ’22)
17:01 – the Georgetown Orbits – Same Love That Make Me Laugh (Better Off Dead ’21)
20:11 – Double Play – You Wont Take My Dog Away (First Time Alone ’21)

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23min of Ska is produced weekly by RJ Phoenix
Want to submit your band? Email: submissions@23ska.com
(no Spotify or Youtube links please)
Send me a pic of yr cat! Include the kitties name! I may use it in future episode art! Email: podcast@23ska.com
Thanks to Camille for sharing Lunchbox with us for this episode!

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