23min of Ska : RJ Phoenix Must Die!

Another astonishing, amazing and extraordinary episode of 23min of Ska gold for all you fallen angels and hellions! It’s down right uncanny how ska factors into life and is a force to be reckoned with! So here’s another inferno of an episode to enjoy, because ska is immortal!

00:00 – Flying Raccoon Suit – Run Away (the Shape of Ska Punk to Come Volume II comp ’21)
01:54 – Skavoovie & the Epitones – Beardman Ska (Fat Footin’ re-release ’22)
04:54 – Catbite – Everybody Talks (Wavebreaker #2 ’22)
07:46 – Monkey – Pride & the Animal (Station Wagon Living ’02)
11:20 – We Are The Union – Rasputin (Rasputin ’21)
14:15 – the Kinky Coo Coo’s – Full of Hope (Full of Hope / Alive Brain ’09)
17:13 – Grey Matter – Senator (GREY MATTER x SHARKANOID ’18)
18:45 – Courtesy of Tim – Phoenix (Tomorrow Again ’21)

If you want to jam out to this episode at anytime, feel free to download it!

23min of Ska is produced weekly by RJ Phoenix
Want to submit your band? Email: submissions@23ska.com
(no Spotify or Youtube links please)
Send me a pic of yr cat! Include the kitties name! I may use it in future episode art! Email: podcast@23ska.com
Thanks to Jessica for sharing Worm & Mazzy with us for this episode!

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