23min of Ska : The End of the World… or a Cat on a Bowling Ball?

It’s late
I love you
Keep listening to ska

00:00 – Eichlers – SONGS ONLINE (SONGS ONLINE ’21)
01:26 – Monument Beach – I Still Play Ska (Ska Shack ’18)
05:13 – Flying Raccoon Suit – A Self Called Nowhere (GIANTS: A Ska Punk Tribute to They Might Be Giants comp ’22)
08:12 – the Kingpins – Do the Ska (Lootin’, Shootin’ and Wailin’ ’99)
12:05 – Backyard Superheroes – Last Chance (Never Give Up, Never Surrender! ’18)
14:36 – Skaos – Do the Ska (Catch This Beat ’89)
18:10 – Desmond Dekker & the Aces – Rude Boy Train (Rude Boy Train / Nothing for Nothing ’67)
20:21 – Western Standard Time Ska Orchestra feat. Angelo Moore – Jamaica Ska (Big Band Tribute to the Skatalites, Vol II ’15)

Burn this podcast after listening

23min of Ska was produced by RJ Phoenix

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