You Call It Vol. 23

It’s that time again, where you, my loyal listeners helped pick the bands and/or the songs for this episode. As always, if it’s lame, that’s on you all!

00:00 – Abandin All Hope – Liars and Deceivers (Victims of a Mockery ’08)
02:12 – Public Access – Hit Single (Fleeced ’05)
04:11 – VanBirros – Vo8 Rider (Vo8 Rider ’22)
07:33 – the NY Citizens – Lemon Jelly (Stranger Things Have Happened ’90)
09:55 – Trinidad Suave – D.U.I. (D.U.I. ’21)
15:02 – Mad Bomber Society – You Can’t Dance (Butchers, Stompers & Cheats ’12)
18:53 – Ska choco kick – End roll (End roll ’22)

Download this episode, and give it a forever home

23min of Ska was produced by RJ Phoenix

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