23min of Ska : …Now You Know…

In the early days you may have heard or been told a number of… contradictory stories about the nature and origin of the ska scene and about the reasons why 23min of Ska came into being.

We lied.

We are not at war, there is no competition.
This is a rescue operation.

00:00 – MU330 – Tune Me Out (Crab Rangoon ’97)
02:32 – Half Past Two – Curtain Call (Too Hectic! California Ska Punk comp ’21)
05:10 – Big D & the Kids Table – Toyed (DO YOUR ART ’21)
04:45 – the Skatoons – Tschüss (Einmal Ska Und Zurück ’03)
11:16 – the Third-Rates – Last One Out (See What Sticks ’21)
15:44 – Johnny Socko – Mix Tape (Johnny Socko ’02)
18:55 – Show Me Island – the Life (Show Me Island ’13)

Art by Brian Bolland

Download and save for a special time in the future.

23min of Ska was produced by RJ Phoenix

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