Session Six (2014)

The sixth session of 23min of Ska started on January 23rd, 2014 and ended on August 31st, 2014. Following the “clever” tradition started in the first session, all episode titles have six words.

Session Six
Let’s Kick it Off Once More : January 30th, 2014
I think I typed way too much last week, so I’m keeping the write up simple this time. Here’s a great episode of great ska bands that I hope you will enjoy! Have a great week!

the Shape of Things to Come : February 6th, 2014
I’ve never been one of those people to say that music saved my life, let alone ska music. It didn’t, in the least. But music, especially ska music has enhanced my life in ways I can’t begin to count. It cheers me up when I’m down, it makes me dance when I’m already up, but most of all, it let me meet some of the raddest group of people I’ve ever known. From back in the day when I got into it, up to today, I just can’t believe the friends and acquaintances I’ve made through ska. It really shocks me sometimes. But yeah, ska didn’t save my life, but it might have made it worth living.

Red Candy Hearts and White Wine : February 13th, 2014
Hey all you kids, here’s a special episode that’s close to my heart. Just kidding, it’s just a lot more great ska, ska/punk and rocksteady for you to listen you to on this Valentine’s eve. I guess I don’t have too much more to say about this one, I just hope that you have someone to enjoy listening to this episode with.

Movement of Souls and of Boxes : February 20th, 2014
By the time you read this, I’ll be seriously sick of moving from an apartment to a condo. I made this one a little ahead of time, because, well, I knew I was going to be a bit busy moving my life from one place to the next. I hope it brings you the amount of joy that is equal to the amount of hate I am currently harboring towards cardboard boxes.

How Dare You Sir or Ma’am! : February 27th, 2014
Over the Summer when I was posting episodes of this podcast, for several episodes in a row I kept getting comments that were, frankly, kinda mean. I like doing this podcast, because I like ska music, traditional as well as stuff like ska/punk. These rude comments were pretty much always on the more ska/punk episodes. Now, said person has stopped coming around to cause some trouble, but as I put this episode together, I just couldn’t help but smile, knowing how much they would hate it. Sometimes I’m a bitch too.

Back and Forth and Back Again : March 6th, 2014
Back when I was a young lad, which is going back further and further all the time, a group of friends and I would go to any ska shows we could find. One such show took us all the way to a Rockford, IL skate park. At said skate park was a ska show that started at 10 AM and ended at 10 PM. It was glorious! 12 hours of ska! My favorite part was that every band was a bit different, traditional ska, ska-punk, new wavey ska, you know what I’m saying, right? Anyway, I loved it! After a more traditional band, then a punky one, then a more 2 Tone style band followed by a ska-pop band! This is what I’m trying to bring out on this episode, going back and forth all over the style map, but it all has that killer ska beat.

Do You Know What is Cool? : March 12th, 2014
For me Coolie Ranx is always a welcome addition to any song ever recorded. See, “Dub 56” was my very first ska album so the awesomeness of ska music and Coolie are forever linked in my head. This episode celebrates bands Mr. Ranx has been a part of and songs that he’s guested on, believe me, it’s all great stuff, I hope you enjoy it.

When You Ought to be Changin’ : March 19th, 2014
Change is inevitable. Order succumbs to entropy. Learn to flow with chaos. When I was young I didn’t know this yet. I built a house called “me” and had my limitations set by parental, social and religious authority. I grew up with out questioning much. But I also grew up sad, I was growing up a schemer, I was getting sick of myself and I was taking it out on others. I had internalized the limitations that were only meant as a safety rope and was now rebelling against authority in general because I let them define me. In the end I got better. I don’t know if I grew up in the traditional sense, as I basically build a new suit for my personality, a new house named “me” and designed it with no limitations.

Brews, Fights, Friends and More Brews : March 26th, 2014
It has been a rough week. Working overtime, filing taxes, trying to get back into the exercise habit. That’s just my current burdens, we know we all have our own that we have to carry from week to week until we can shrug them off. The thing is, is that we have to keep looking forward to a brighter future. It’ll happen, for some of us it is as close as the next weekend, drink or concert, but it is coming! So don’t let what life has thrown at you get you too down, as it’ll right itself soon, so that you may grin from ear to ear once more.

Half a Dozen Jokers Gone Wild : April 3rd, 2014
Some of these songs have been kicking around in my head for inclusion for quite some time, I’m glad I finally am getting the chance to play them all for you! I hope this is another episode that you can listen to and enjoy, as I know for one that I really enjoy this episode.

I Won’t be a Wage Slave :  April 10th, 2014
Didn’t we all make crazy declarations in our youth? Not so much the very young, you know in the vein of “I’m gonna be an (/astronaut//cowboy//president/)” variety. More of the teenage “I’m to be an (/artist//actor//musician/)” kinda thing. Basically, anything to fulfill our inner creativity and get paid for it. Or maybe because, by all costs, we refused to work for “the man” in a “cubicle farm” and become a dreaded “corporate drone.” Maybe that was just me and all my arty friends… In the end most of us got jobs at (more or less) conventional companies, and it isn’t as bad as we though it would be. Maybe the fear of adult assimilation was what we really wanted to avoid, and once we got old enough we realized, hey it isn’t so bad. In the end I’d still rather be and astronaut/cartoonist though.

Everything for Nothing and Even Less : April 16th, 2014
There are things that can happen that can ruin your whole day, which can ruin your whole week, that in turn can keep growing and eating up more and more of your time. We have to fight that as much as possible, eschew the negative when we can, and be smart enough to ask for help to bring the positivity into our lives when we can’t handle it on our own.

Speed of Light and then Some : April 24th, 2014
In the last several weeks I’ve gotten a flood of messages from listeners expressing how much they’re enjoying the show and the bands that are being played! Firstly, thank you so much for all that! Secondly, if you dig the show, please check out the bands that are being played, buy their music, see them play in your town, and let them know you heard them on “23min of Ska”. Seriously, there’s so many ways to support this show, but the one that means the most to me is letting the bands know that found them and now you’re a fan of them. Keep on listening, keep on diggin’ it, I’ll keep on making them!

When Life Hands You Some Lemons… : June 12th, 2014
When life has gotten you down, and you don’t know what to do about it, just stop, think, and smile. Seriously, it sounds goofy as all hell, but it works. It really does. I hate to sound like a hippie here, but it is just as simple as that. And if you need some help returning to that happy person you once were, toss on this episode to brighten your day up! It’s a keeper w/ a ton of great tracks!

Power, the Energy and the Upbeat : June 19th, 2014
Here’s a fat bunch of ska, rocksteady and ska/punk to fill your ears with!

To Strike Out on Your Own : June 26th, 2014
Man oh man, do I love phrases that have double meanings! “To strike out on your own” mean either to leave everything behind and enter into the world, or it can mean to fail all by your self. I kinda like that, life always has more than one meaning, which is what makes it so great! Right? Well, I think I’m right at least. So hey, here’s a bunch of kick ass ska and ska/punk music for you! If you never heard of any of these bands before, you’re in for a treat! Also, if you know some of them, but not all, I’ll let know right now, they all measure up to each other. So sit back, relax and may your wins be more than your losses.

There’s No Reason Not to Go : July 3rd, 2014
If you think you should be going somewhere, go. Don’t put it off. Don’t make up a ton of excuses not to go do that thing. It is imperative. Go. We are here to go! We’re not on the Earth to rest on our laurels and watch the world keep passing us by. Don’t stay stationary, go! For the love of all things, go! And don’t stop until you get there. Keep at it. Never settle. Rule your life. There is no reasons not to do these things.

Stop Me if You’ve Heard This… : July 10th, 2014
Here’s a group of songs you just might recognize. Yeah, there’s a slight twist on them as you can tell as soon as you start listening. OK, yeah, they’re all covers, you get that right? To be fair the first one isn’t expressly billed as a cover, and the lyrics might not be an accurate translation, but you know that song. Hell, even fans on their own YouTube videos call them out on the similarity. This episode has been a journey to discover songs for and put together, hope you all enjoy.

Some Help to Pass the Time : July 17th, 2014
Here’s a selection of songs to help get you from one end of your day to the next. Actually, it can’t do that, it’s only 23min long, that’s far too short! But, I dunno, play it over and over again? Or pause it after a minute and wait and hour to hit play again for another minute. Something like that, right? All kidding aside, I hope you dig this!

Your Money Talks, My Genius Walks : July 24th, 2014
Boom! Looky here! It’s a brand new episode of the 23min of Ska podcast! Chalk full of great ska music! It lasts approximately 23 minutes. Bam, nailed it again! But for real, I really dig doing this podcast. I dig ska music and putting these together each week makes me a pretty happy guy.

Loving When a Plan Comes Together : August 7th, 2014
Sometimes episodes take painstaking time to put together. Sometimes you try several different sets of songs and orders before it even starts to sound good. Sometimes episodes fit together like Lego bricks in an instant. Here’s a bunch of great songs, hope you enjoy them!

Just Kidding, Mess it All Up! : August 14th, 2014
What does the future hold for us? We can plan and plan for it, but we have no idea what will actually happen in the end for any of us. Seriously, tomorrow is a hard mistress, and we have to be fluid to get through it unscathed. And even if you made it, don’t get too comfortable, cuz there’s always another tomorrow coming. Be prepared, be smart, but mostly, have fun, because we don’t know how many more tomorrows there will be for any of us to put up with.

Order Tends Towards Chaos, Entropy Rules : August 21st, 201423skaSPACE
At one time this was to be the final regular episode of 23min of Ska. After this episode was posted the angels were going to come down from heaven, sing a glorious blue beat tune that was to be next week’s end cap to the entire podcast. Sorry, you don’t get angels. You get this episode, which is not a game changer. It is a normal, everyday, awesome-sauce fun time, get down, 23min of Ska episode that doesn’t herald the end of this podcast. In fact it shall go on for quite a bit longer. This is the end of another set of 23 episodes, so it has that going for it, which is nice. Thanks for sticking with me, get ready to stick w/ me some more, to the point where you get sick of me, but not ska. No never stop loving ska, keep listening to that, even if you kick me to the curb! Also, thanks for all the love lately, it means a lot, and it literally keeps the podcast going!

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