Session Seven (2014 – 2015)

The seventh Session of “23min of Ska” started on August 21st, 2014 and ended 23 weeks or so later. Around this time I started to hit the Session numbers theme harder than I had previously. The first seven episodes are named after the Seven Deadly Sins, then there’s an episode in honor of the Seven Plieades, then a run named after the Seven Soldiers of Victory from DC comics, followed by and episode in honor of the Seven Samurai, before rounding out the list with a set of episodes named after the Seven Wonders of the World. Also, I tried to work in as many songs that referenced days of the week as possible during this time.

Session Seven
Pride : August 28th, 201423skaPRIDE
Back again, with a few things different. No more crazy long episode titles. Slightly new logo on the episode art. Same great ska mixed down into a 23 minute package.

Wrath : September 4th, 201423skaWRAITH
When I started out putting this episode together I didn’t intend to start it off w/ some mid ’90s ska, it just worked out that way. Don’t be mad about it, sometimes I go looking for great modern ska, but sometimes I get reminded of a bunch of great music from when I was younger. So yeah, I dipped back into it, and pulled these awesome tracks to share w/ you. The rest of these songs will join those mid ’90s tracks in the fact that they’ve really gotten stuck in my mind since I’ve heard them. In fact, I had to triple check that I hadn’t used any of them before. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them all as much as I have.

Lust : September 11th, 201423skaLUSTY
By now you see what I’m doing with the episode titles right? If so, awesome, thought you would’ve caught on last week. If you still don’t get it, try paying attention in bible class next Sunday. Also, it was the last of the easy loose themes to follow. So, uh, don’t expect the next four episodes to be as on point as this one is, and it really isn’t too on point either. What it is though is a bunch of great ska music! And yeah, at the end you can see that I’m in my ’90s ska rut again, so what, those songs rule!

Sloth : September 18th, 201423skaSLOTH
Call off of work. Sleep in. Stay in your pajamas. Order out. Don’t flush. Leave the dishes for another day. Forget about opening the shades. Cleaning up is for the birds. It is your life, be as lazy as you want to me. Being productive only brings future work and more mysteries ahead in life, who the hell wants that anyway?

Gluttony : September 25th, 201423skaGLUTONY
I ate a mini deep dish pizza for lunch. Later that night I had an ice cream sandwich. Somehow, I stayed with in my calorie count for the day, but man, did I feel like a fatty. Oh sure, I could go for a walk and do a dozen jumping jacks or something, but instead I just wanna eat a whole bag of cappuccino flavored potato chips instead while washing it down w/ some horchata beer. I guess I could dance to this podcast, that might help. But then, I’d just want to eat a dark chocolate and bacon candy bar. I’m kinda unhealthy…

Greed : October 2nd, 201423skaGREED
Who wants more 23min of Ska podcast episodes? Well too bad, this is the only one you get this week! A man can only do so much!

Envy : October 9th, 201423skaENVY
Ok, I’ll admit, I tried my hardest to keep these episodes on theme for each of the seven deadly sins, but, man, Envy was way to hard. Maybe a few songs fit, but really not that much. I at least tried to use song titles that seem like they should be about envy, even when they’re not really in the end. There were some other good songs, but I’d already used them in previous episodes, I’m envious of those episodes for using those songs for no reason when they could’ve been saved for this podcast, if I had this idea earlier!

Pleiades : October 16th, 201423skaPLEIADES
“Many a night I saw the Pleiads,
rising through the mellow shade,
Glitter like a swarm of fire-flies
tangled in a silver braid.”
– “Locksley Hall” by Lord Tennyson

Frankenstein : October 23rd, 201423skaFRANKENSTEIN
The modern Prometheus, Sheeda-born, conqueror of Mars, agent of S.H.A.D.E. and first of the Grundy Men, carrying his handy steam-gun and the sword of the Archangel Michael it’s Frankenstein’s Monster.

Klarion, the Witch Boy : October 29th, 201423skaKLARION
Being and young and rebellious comes more naturally to some than it does to others. I personally became more rebellious as I got older, but longed to be more of a character like Klarion that goes against the wishes of his family and town to seek out what is beyond the society he grew up in. As serious as those ambitions are he isn’t afraid to be seen as weird as he laughs all the way to a new life. We can all make these sorts of changes in our lives, we just have to roll the dice…

the Bulleteer : November 9th, 201423skaBULLETEER
Not knowing your place in the world is a real bummer. It is even more compounded when you have no idea how you got where you were, or because it was the results of what others had planned for you. Accept your destiny, become the best there is at what you do. You owe it to the world not to hide away. While you may never make it to the big times, you made the world a better place by for everyone that you encountered, and that is a great victory indeed.

Shining Knight : November 13th, 201423skaKNIGHT
The official 150th episode! Hurrah! It deserves the royal treatment! Also, I’ve been drinking red wine all night, then stayed up way to late to scrap half of this episode just so that I could make it better for all you listeners! See, I’ll totally go the extra mile, because after all these episodes, I still love ska music and my listeners so so much! Ok, that might be the wine talking, but it doesn’t make it less true!

Zatanna : November 20th, 201423skaZATANNA
Kcip ti pu! Netsil ot siht edosipe sdrawkcab! Or don’t, it really wouldn’t make much sense to do a thing like that, but if you do, and it unlocks the secret of the universe, let the rest of us know about that. Either way, the way ska brings people together and that is a magic in its own right! Yeah, music is more that just words and notes, it is almost like a spell. It can express what you’re trying to say more than the words you’re speaking, try to tell me that isn’t like using a superpower!

the Guardian : November 27th, 201423skaGUARDIAN
Hey all, it’s a time for family, and in this case, the ska family. So, in that spirit, I asked my pals in the A-OKs to help me get this episode together, a group effort if you will, to help put some good music in your ears. Be like the A-OKs, go out and help someone in your community, Jake Jordan would, because sometimes a single good person can make a difference!

Mr. Miracle : December 4th, 201423skaMIRACLE
If you’re ever stuck in life, just go, escape, especially if you’re mentally trapped. Life is too damn short to feel boxed in anywhere! You’d be surprised how simple it is to leave things that suck behind once you commit to ridding yourself of them. The first step in the hardest, it feels like trying to escape a black hole, but you can do it, and it gets easier once you start. Now, you won’t always get off scot-free, there is always a bit of pain, but in the end you’ll be all the better for it.

Samurai : December 11th, 201423skaSAMURAI
Whether one passes on or remains is all the same.
That you can take no one with you is the only difference.
Ah, how pleasant! Two awakenings and one sleep.
This dream of a fleeing world! The roseate hues of early dawn!
– Tokugawa Ieyas

the Colossus of Rhodes : December 18th, 201423skaCOLOSSUS
Life is some kind of crazy adventure, if you’re not out there living it, what is the point of living? If you’re going to do anything, do it to the hilt! Live large. Why not? Why not start living that way today? Just keep your ego in check and you be as big a deal as you want to be!

the Great Pyramids of Giza : December 25th, 201423skaPYRAMID
It’s that time of year again where family is important, so heading in that direction, I got my brother Dayv to help pick out some songs for this episode. I think he did a damn fine job putting in great songs that I had somehow over looked! I hope that you all are having a great day enjoying your family as well!

the Hanging Gardens of Babylon : January 1st, 201523skaHANGINGGARDENS
Did everyone have a good New Years Eve? I hope that you did! I hope that you’re ready to get the day going with some great ska music. Day, what amd I talking about, I mean year! Let’s get 2015 started right, eh? Jump up and get down to the grooviest sound around!

the Statue of Zeus at Olympia : January 8th, 201523skaZEUS
Here it is! Another great twenty three minutes of ska music! Thank the gods of music that such sounds have reached your ears! We’re a week into 2015 and things are off to a decent start for all of you I hope! Seriously, listeners, life is only what we make of it. In our darkest times, if we don’t keep the light inside of us, we will also grow dark. It is easy to be positive when everything is going well, but it is much more rewarding when you can remain positive in the most negative of situations. I think it is called “developing character” or something like that, but it seems like such a meaningless phrase. All I’m saying that is when it is hardest to remain positive that that is the time when you need to make yourself positive.

the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus : January 15. 201523skaTEMPLE
See, the thing about ska is, is it’s always out there, somewhere, lurking, ready to show you a good time and get you to move your feet! Enjoy!

the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus : January 22, 201523skaMAUSOLEUM
Can you believe it? 5 years of 23min of Ska? That’s nuts! I had no idea that when I put the first episode together in January of 2010 that I’d ever have a handful of listeners or still being doing it even a few years later! I can honestly say that it blows my mind. To everyone out there that sends me songs to play (bands, labels, listeners) I say thanks, you help me find stuff that sounds great and helps make the show better! So I hope you all dig this episode, as well as all the episodes, and I’ll see you all here next year, yeah? And, as always, thanks for listening, and enjoy!

the Lighthouse of Alexandria : January 29th, 201523skaLIGHTHOUSE
…and here we are, at the final episode of the seventh set of 23 episodes. So yeah, sevens, if you haven’t noticed, was kind of a theme for this batch. I got some good episodes out of it I think. I hope you agree and I hope that you enjoy this episode as much as you have the last 22… hell, the last 160!

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