Session Two (2011)

The second year of the 23min of Ska podcast began on January 23rd, 2011 and ended on December 23rd, 2011. Starting to get the hang of things here and also introduced a monthly ska band interview episode!

Session Two
Season’s Opened : Jan 23rd, 2011
Well look at that, a new year and a new episode to kick off the 2011 session of 23min of Ska.

Getting Over : Feb 11th, 2011
Is love in the air? Who cares! Love is for suckers! Here’s a bunch of songs about love gone wrong… or something. There’s totally a theme or some such going on here and I hope your bitter little black heart appreciates it.

Open Secret : Feb 23rd, 2011
The ska culture is like a secret society and like all the best secret societies it is hiding in plain sight. Once you get to a show and meet a few people it is like a whole new world is opening up to you. You find more music easier, you find that you can and enjoy dancing, and even better your life is enriched for having experienced these things.

23ska-beerHoist ‘Em : Mar 11th, 2011
Hey there ska fans, I’ve got big batch of drinking songs for you! That’s right, songs about drinking, having fun while drinking, being pathetic while drinking, the joy of drinking as well as vowing to stop drinking too! Hope you dig it, and hey, who’s got the next round?

Hung Over : Mar 23rd, 2011
When I started putting together this episode I didn’t set out to make it consist 66% of songs from 2010, it just kinda worked out like that! I love ska and I’ve been trying to keep up with it, checking out the new bands and such, and this was the result, a lot of those new bands I’m listening to!

Shut Up : Apr 11th, 2011
Shhhhh! This episode is completely instrumental. Not a single word is uttered. Keep it down over there, we’re listening to ska!

Plastic Grass : Apr 23rd, 2011
9 whole songs to sink your ears into! Sink your ears into? What I’m saying is that it’ll be a good time ok?

Secret Agents : May 11th, 2011
I was given a challenge, if I chose to accept it, the mission was to do an episode of 23min of Ska with a spy theme. Spies, secret agents, G-men & the FBI are all well represented here. 23mins of ska for your ears only!

23ska-redplaidWe Survive : May 23rd, 2011
The great thing about ska is that it always survives. It has been what, 5 or 6 decades? That is pretty long lived. Nothing slows it down & it keeps us dancing. And us ska fans? We survive too, trends or not, it makes no difference, we just like ska.

On Tour : June 11th, 2011
There are trials a tribulations that every band must go through on the road and here collected are stories of a few of them. It is tough out there kids, so do what you can to support any band nice enough to come out near you!

Story Book : June 23rd, 2011
What’s the story fellow ska fans? I’ve got a fine new batch of songs ready to go!The current state of ska continues to surprise and delight me. I couldn’t be happier to be putting together podcast for you guys every 11ish days, I hope you all continue to enjoy listening to this as I do making it!

Seven Inches : July 11th, 2011
Here’s bunch of songs that I ripped from my seven inch record collection. The one thing I’ve always enjoyed is going to a concert and picking up a seven inch record from a band I just saw. If you hear any pops or crackle… well, that’s kind of the point.

23ska roofRoof Access : July 23rd, 2011
This episode was brought to you by me locking myself out of my apartment last week. I tried to get out onto my apartments roof so I wouldn’t bother my neighbors so much editing this together on my laptop. Unfortunately the roof access was blocked so I tried to imbue this show with spirit of the freedom of sitting on a building’s roof in the middle of town because it is the closest thing to the wide open space of a park for blocks.

23ska&Dynamic Duos : August 11th, 2011

Some things just go well together, like peanut butter and jelly, peaches and cream, black and white… ska and dancing! The theme this episode is duos and evidenced by the song titles for this episode.

Last Minute : August 23rd, 2011
There’s something in a name sometimes and this time it means that I put this episode together at the last minute! I’m not going to lie, I’m shocked at how well this episode turned out… maybe I should start half-assing it more often…

It’s Complicated : September 11th
This episode’s theme is songs that have only appeared on compilations. Say you’re a big fan of a band and have all of their albums, you still may have never heard these songs! That’s a shame, because there are some classic tracks on here!

Over Flowing : September 23rd
Ska music, ever over flowing with happiness and mirth. It is not music for wallowing in a bad mood. It is music for cheering up or just keeping your happy going. It is music for dancing, celebrating and generally having a good time. That’s what we have here, a bunch of songs about throwing parties, having a great night out and the joys of mysterious ladies.

23skaLOGANHey Ladies : October 11th
What’s this? A bunch of songs about the ladies? Hells yeah it is! Go crazy! But, for reals, several odes to women, how awesome they are, how much they are missed and even a few about how they’ve done ya wrong.

23ska-aceSo Ace : October 23th
There’s plenty of great ska, ska/punk & rocksteady to enjoy. Seriously get excited for it, every week I’m discovering more and more great bands to share with you all, I just can’t get sick of finding great songs from fantastic bands for this podcast. So get ready to dance or sit back, it is time for some more music hand picked by me, for you, my respected listener.

Wedding Bells : November 11th
In celebration of my wedding I cooked up this podcast. Is it a little mushy? Sure, but man, that’s what makes weddings a fun time. OK, maybe I’m getting a little personal with this episode, but heck, can you blame me? Get up, dance, drink a beverage, eat some cake and pretend you were there.

Roll ‘Em : November 23rd
When getting into new ska bands, it is always a gamble. They could be good, they could be great, or they could outright suck. In this case, each of these albums I got with little to no knowledge of the songs on them, and everything turned out awesome! Totally awesome! I’m more than extremely pleased to share all these songs with all the listeners.

23ska-diceSnake Eyes : December 11th
Woah, a lot of great and awesome music came out this year! This is not a highlights reel, heck, a lot of great music that came out in 2011 that’s not even represented here! This is just a reminder that even in 2011, ska is still well and good and very much vibrantly alive!

Season’s Over : December 23rd
It is that time again, the end to an other year, the end of another session of 23min of Ska and soon the end of the holiday season… but we’re not there yet folks! There’s plenty of music and festivities to dance for and because of. So put your dancin’ shoes on, bundle up, get out to a show, or your grandparents house, and kick it up and have some fun! It doesn’t matter what you celebrate, as long as you are having a celebration!

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