Ska Band Interviews

In my effort to grow this podcast, I’ve decided to start doing interviews with ska bands or ska personalities once a month. We talk about how they started, their artistic process is and anything else they’d like to mention.

Ska Interviews

Lockstep : February 1st, 2011
Dave from Indianapolis’ amazing Punk/Reggae band Lockstep talks to me about last year’s album, their upcoming recording plans and what it’s like to be in a band with you wife.
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Brooklyn Rocksteady : March 1st, 2011

A documentary about the Brooklyn rocksteady scene by director Sam Gursky. We talk about how he got involved and what you can do to help make sure this movie gets made.

Do It With Malice : May 1st, 2011
I’m talking to the Ska/Metal band Do It With Malice from Buffalo, NY. On the line with me is the guitarist/vocalist Chris Delmont and alto saxophone player Thom Kramer. We talk about their May tour & their album “the Burned Over District”.

the Action League : June 1st, 2011

Oh yeah, get excited, because I’m interviewing the very cool, very fun, straight from San Luis Obispo, CA, the Action League! I’m talking to the ENTIRE BAND! It is hard to keep up at times, but it is worth it, it is a hilarious interview. Also you’ll get to hear the song “Day Off” from their upcoming album!

Moon : July 1st, 2011
I’m interviewing Seattle, Washington’s own Moon. I’m talking to Ben Dorey (Vocals/Sax), Luke Swart (Bass/Vocals) and Robin Ray (Guitar/Keys/Vocals). We talk about the beginnings of Moon, why they like playing second wave ska as well as what it is like to be a ska band based in Seattle. We also get to listen to the songs “Get Some Sleep” and “Rough Weather” from their new album “the Landing”.

Ruder Than You : August 1st, 2011
Dave Dubrosky (sax, vocals) of the legendary Ruder Than You takes some time to talk to Rad Jose. They discuss the long history of Ruder Than You, the 3rd wave ska scene and what happened when the bottom fell out. Dave also compares Ruder Than You to the Blues Brothers and explains the meaning behind the title track from their latest album “Creation Sounds”.

Rude City Riot : September 1st, 2011
Dustin Lionhart III (vocals) from Rude City Riot takes a moment to talk to Rad Jose about his band, their upcoming tour and their brand new album “Nothin’ But Time” They also discus what makes a ska show fun to be at as well as why ska bands just have to be big. Dustin also tells us all about the song “25 Years” which is played at the end of this episode. I made a mistake while talking about writing credits on a song and Dustin corrected me like it wasn’t a big dea, whatta nice guy!

the Green Room Rockers : Oct 1st, 2011
How lucky am I to talk to (and you to hear) my interview with Mark B. Cooper (Keys/Vocals) from the Green Room Rockers?! This episode was a ton of fun to do, in fact, I ditched most of the formal interview and stuck in a lot of just the two of us talking because it is a lot more fun to listen to! Find out how Mark started the band, the fun of recording their self titled album and the true story behind the song “Confession”!

the Dropsteppers : November 1st, 2011
Hot off their new album, “Get Up In It!” I get a chance to talk to Tom McDowall and Albert C. Perez of the band the Dropsteppers. We talk about what brought the band together, how they developed their sound and what it was like to get an e-mail from Bucket Hingley. We also discus the inspiration behind the song “Bring It On Home To You” and take a listen to it in this episode.

the Pinstripes : December 1st, 2011
This is a very special and awesome interview, I’m talking to the Pinstripes! Specifically Leonardo Murcia (Trombone/Vocals), John Bertke (Drums), Chris Grannen (Bass)and Mike Sarason (Vocals/Saxophone) about their forthcoming record “I”. Not only do we find out what went into recording this album, but we also get a sneak listen at the songs “the Wokkabout” and “the 1070 to 1963” and also a bit about the meaning behind the songs.

the Georgetown Orbits : February 2nd, 2012
In this awesome interview episode I’m talking to Toby Kremple, bass player for the Georgetown Orbits. We talk about how the band got together, Toby’s background in ska music, what it is like to tour with the Slackers and more! Including the song “Heavyset” off of the latest Georgetown Orbits album “Super Sonic.” Toby lets us all in on why “Heavyset” sounds like it does. Trust me, you’re gonna wanna hear this!

Pressure Cooker : March 1st, 2012
I’m the lucky guy who not only got to talk to not just one, not just two but three members of the legendary Boston reggae band Pressure Cooker! I spent most of my time talking to Jeffrey Eckman (Drums) and Robin Teague (Tenor Saxophone) about the formation of the band as well as their concert backing up some first wave ska luminaries. We are eventually joined by Adam Dobkowski (Guitar) and talk a short bit about the writing process that Pressure Cooker employees. We then shift gears to talk a bit about how they’re using kickstarter to raise money for their newest album! Only $800 left to go at the time this episode is getting posted! Not too shabby! We also discus a bit about the ups and downs of the ska scene in America throughout the late ’90s into the Twenty First Century. There’s lots of laughing, you’ve been warned!

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