Special Episodes

Big Ska Gamble
the Big Ska Gamble : March 29th, 2012
This episode was created to show off the many bands that are taking part in the Big Ska Gamble, a Kickstarter campaign to bring you a 7″ vinyl record subscription club of all ska bands. You get to hear 6 different songs from the six bands represented. These aren’t the songs that are going to be on the records that come out, but good representations of these excellent bands.Check out the project at the Big Ska Gamble (http://www.BigSkaGamble.com)

Behind the Scene
Volume 1 : Tazy Phyllipz of the Ska Parade : April 19th, 2012
In this episode I’m taking you a bit behind the ska scene such as it is, to people who have an imprint on the scene with out being in a band or running a label. In this episode I’m talking to Tazy Phyllipz of the long running ska radio show “the Ska Parade”. We talk about a lot of the bands that have been on “the Ska Parade” since it started in 1989. Not only that but we talk a lot about the upcoming “Viva Ska Vegas” ska show on April 28th. With Tazy and I being old ska guys we tell a lot of stories. I hope you enjoy it, we had a lot of fun talking, and I think it is good to get to know someone like Tazy just a little bit better.

Ska Round Table
Volume 1: March 15th, 2012
When old ska fans get together to talk about the good ole days, they always want to share some of the songs from their adventures. In this episode, me, James and Randy hang out and talk about some of the biggest ska shows we’ve been to and some of the best ska shows we’ve been to, all the while sharing songs.

You Call It
Volume 1: February 16th, 2012
I asked the listener base what their favorite ska songs were, just as a general curiosity. After seeing their answers, I knew this had to be an episode! So I got to mixing it late last night and here it is for all to enjoy. A program created by the 23min of Ska listners! Thanks to Kevin Lustrup, James Volpe, Evan Roy, Tracy Sandford, ‘Tracy Kedge, Salvador Rios, Paul Kerner and Clay Spires!

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