The “23min of Ska” podcast is run by just one guy, me, Bryan J AKA Rad Jose, so never take it as an insult if I don’t get back to you quickly, or at all. I welcome any and all submissions for music to play on “23min of Ska” just send any wav or mp3 files to:

Please also include a site where one can purchase your music so that I can link it for the listeners if they’d like to further check out your band.

If you are unable to send files, please send a link to your music on Bandcamp or anywhere I can download music. Amazon and iTunes are also acceptable, provided I can purchase your music from the United States. Links to your music on YouTube or Spotify won’t help me much and are discouraged.

If, for whatever reason, you’d like to send me a piece of physical media, please still contact me through the above email address to ask for the mailing address.

I’m always looking to play more new ska bands, as they are the life blood of the genre and scene. Don’t be discouraged if I don’t play what you send right away, for “23min of Ska” I’m usually looking for the best place to use a song of yours in a episode to highlight your band.

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