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23min of Ska : Illya Kuryakin

23skaIllyaCongrats to all you fantastic listeners, you’ve made it through another one! That’s right, it’s the end of another 23 episodes. Thusly, the spy theme comes to an end. This was a rougher session to put together than most, what with me moving and going out of town, and just being all around busy. I think I missed two weeks? Man, I’m probably more bummed about that than you. Thanks for sticking it out and enjoy the show!

00:00 – the Toasters – Night Train to Moscow (One More Bullet ’08)
02:20 – Suspense Heroes Syndicate – Nine Bullets (Big Shot ’15)
06:08 – the Fabulous Lolo Meets King Kong Girio – the Girl Who Cried (My Favorite Heart to Break ’15)
08:39 – Включай Микрофон! – Алкодонор (Танцы кончатся не скоро! ’18)
10:48 – Skankin’ Pickle – It’s Not too Late (SkaFunkRastaPunk ’91)
13:38 – the Slackers – a Long Way Off (the Great Rocksteady Swindle ’10)
17:14 – the Blue Collars – Killer Cliches (It’s Casual… ’98)
20:29 – the Mighty Mighty Bosstones – That’s another Story (Hell of a Hat ’95)

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