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23min of Ska : Gummi Bears

23skaGUMMIBEARHoly heck, it’s a brand new episode! From a brand new computer! Speaking of brand new, check out these first two tracks! The Indecision delivers a brand new song from their upcoming album in April, followed by a brand new cover from Half Past Two from their upcoming music video this weekend! The newness doesn’t stop there, we also have super fresh tracks from Be Like Max, the Operators and Black Square! All supported by some great songs from 2 1/2 White Guys, Thorpedians and Steady Earnest! Oh man, I’m so glad to be getting an episode together and getting it out to you fine listeners! Thanks for sticking with me and the show.

00:00 – the Indecision – Leave the Light On (Give it Up ’19)
02:51 – Half Past Two feat. Tahlena – Three Small Words (Three Small Words ’19)
05:40 – Be Like Max – Home Away from Home (Save Us All ’19)
07:42 – 2 1/2 White Guys – Killing Time (Half an LP ’99)
11:00 – the Operators – Ain’t it Obvious (Ain’t it Obvious / 6 Month Blues ’19)
13:34 – Black Square – Moonlight (To the Hills ’19)
17:22 – Thorpedians – Violator Strikes Back (Strike Back ’17)
20:35 – Steady Earnest – Promises (Dr. Earnest’s Nerve Steadying Spirits ’99)

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