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23min of Ska : the Doom Sayers Say “Doom”

23skaCHESSWhat is going on listeners, all you fine fine purveyors of great music, as I can tell because you listen to this podcast, what is up? I hope you enjoy this latest episode delving into ska music from around the world. This episode, more than others, was comprised of songs that I just couldn’t get out of my head or stop thinking about. So yeah, all are top tracks, no filler, so get ready to get down.

the Debonaires – Be Alright (Oil in My Lamp / Be Alright ’12)
King Kong Girio – Dead Surfer’s Lament (Now That I’m Gone ’13)
Rude King – Down in Deep Ellum (It’ll Probably be Alright ’13)
Tommy Tornado – Armagideon Time (Cool Down ’12)
the Valuables – Downpour (the Valuables ’10)
2000 Tons of TNT – How Long Will it Take? (Reggae Mysteria ’12)
Skalie – Dusta (For Sale ’07)

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