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Man or Astro-Man? – Captain Holojoy’s Space Diner

Man or Astro-Man? was a late 90s surf rock band from down in Alabama who would put out more 7″ records in a year than your average punk band would have in its discography. Prolific doesn’t even really begin to describe it and when I was looking for the perfect record to share for the 7th installment of my 7″ on the 7th series, this was the clear winner. I started listening to Man or Astro-Man? when I worked at Acme Comics back in Peoria IL about 11 or so years ago. My coworker Skip had most of the CDs and we’d chuck ’em in the stereo and play them over the store speakers. This was also at the height of coolness (for me at least) working there. We had Skip, Randy and Farmer Ted on staff, Chadwick was still stopping in when he could and Bob & Dani were still baby free. This group resulted in possibly the best company Christmas dinner I’ve ever attended. Oh, but back to the band, yeah, Man or Astro-Man? just always seemed to be around, what with Skip playing them and my friends Atomik, Robot Allison and Lins all being huge fans. This may or may not’ve contributed to me not getting super into them, as I could go most anywhere with some buddys and a copy of “Project Infinity” was sure to either be playing or on hand to be played. In fact for years the only CD of theirs I had was “Is It…”! This all changed last November. Feeling nostalgic I took my copy of “Is It…” with me to play in the car while Christmas shopping in Burbank and it just cracked my head right open. I loved it even more than I did back in the day! Absence makes the heart grow fonder or what ever, I don’t know, but I was digging them on a level that I previously hadn’t. So I did what any sensible person would do, check local record shops and online to fill out my collection with some more Man or Astro-Man action. Here’s their first release. Some of these songs were rerecorded for future albums, some were collected onto CD and some songs are only on this very record. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did, and it helps you recall days past.

Side A
the Universe’s Only Intergalactic Radioactive Breakfast Bar
Taco Wagon
Holojoy’s Interlude

Side B
Mystery Meat
Space Potatoes
You Can’t Get Good Riblets in Space

Front, Back, Insert Front, Insert Back, Interior & the Record.

the Harwood Brothers – Hometown Girls/Lookin’

This is going to be the record I post that stands out the most, if only for the musical content on it. Its not ska, its not punk, its not some precious little indie band, it is the Harwood Brothers, a rock outfit from the Peoria IL area. I really should know a lot more about this band than I do, in fact, I’ve been told I knew a lot more about them back in the day. One of the members of the Harwood Brothers is my godfather and uncle, Uncle Jim. My mom used to take me to see them when I was a mere tot and I used to dance around all the time, in fact I used to cue up this very 7″ record (more often to the b-side so I vaguely remember being told once) and dance around the living room. I have no memory of any of this. That’s all I even have to go on to try and date this record as coming out in the late 70s/early 80s. I remember when I was a little bit older seeing a band my Uncle Jim was in play at the Woodcutter and in Dunlap and Princeville at the carnival/fairs that would be put on over the Summer, but I’m pretty sure that was a different band. These two songs are more of a southern rock flavor, and I think I’m using the term right, I could be off, this is a little out of my musical knowledge zone. Enjoy them, I sure did, also thank my mother, as I stole this record from her. Oh, and I apologize for the skip near the beginning of “Hometown Girls”, try as I might I couldn’t get a clean record of it.

Side A
Hometown Girls

Side B

the Artwork
the Record