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23min of Ska : Lagoon Nebula

23skaNEBULACheck that intro track! That’s a brand spankin’ new song from the Freecoasters! Great song, eh? Help them put it out and hit up www.theFreecoasters.com for their crowd funding effort! The band worked with Jessie Wagner to make something pretty damn awesome, so get on that! Oh, and this episode is about space. And water. Yep. That’s a combination that fits like a glove. That makes sense right? Right? Hey, outer space and the sea, it works. It’s a theme. Dig it!

00:00 – the Freecoasters – Swim (Show Up ’15)
04:23 – My Superhero – Just Plain Fish (Solid State 14 ’97)
07:57 – Another Generation – Chase the Stars (Another Generation ’14)
10:11 – the Aquabats – Martian Girl (the Fury of the Aquabats! ’97)
12:55 – Rico – Sea Cruise (Sea Cruise / Carolina ’80)
15:51 – the 27 Red – Man on the Moon (License to Dance ’02)
19:16 – My Man Friday – Lucky Stars (Monkey Business ’97)

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