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23min of Ska : the Mysterious Old Guy at the Back of the Pit

Holy heck, it’s just about been 11 years of 23min of Ska madness! I can’t believe I’ve kept it going this long! But it’s all thanks to great listeners and great ska & ska/punk bands! You all give me the energy to keep going, and I thank you! Alright, now get ready for another great episode, and remember how awesome you are!

00:00 – BoomTown United – How I Feel (Tuffer Than I ’20)
02:47 – Maria Blues – Tonight (Look Who It Is ’19)
06:23 – Dan P. and the Bricks – Kung Fu (When We Were Fearless ’18)
08:54 – los Kurados – Politeista (Multicultural ’17)
10:57 – Skata Tones – In Town Pop Sound (Celebrity ’20)
13:22 – Andy B and the World – Follow the Streetlights (the First One ’21)
17:05 – the Circle City Deacons – Where’d She Go? (Where’d She Go? ’20)
20:21 – aRevo – Schware Hockn (Weiter Geht’s ’17)

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23min of Ska : You Call It Vol. 15

23skaBEERSIt’s the 15th episode where I ask my listeners what they want to hear! Wheeee! Here is the awesome result! I’m pretty happy with it! I got a lot of other good suggestions that I didn’t get a chance to include, so those will either be in a future edition of the “You Call It” series, or maybe I’ll filter a few into the regular episodes. Either way, more good ska for all of you to hear!

00:00 – aRevo – Schware Hockn (Weiter Geht’s ’17)
02:37 – the Lizdexics – Wood Dale (Emerson Recordings ’01)
05:47 – Failed to Victory – Jokes on Me (Skank Your Socks Off ’15)
08:55 – Thirteen Towers – Two-Banana Habit (Two-Banana Habit ’18)
11:55 – Choking Victim – 500 Channels (No Gods / No Masters ’98)
14:34 – Privileged – Can’t be True (P.O.S ’18)
17:37 – Baccone Dolce – Sugar Cookie (Barbecued Cats ’96)
20:49 – Reel Big Fish – Keep a Cool Head (Fame, Fortune & Fornication ’09)

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