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23min of Ska : Pipeline

23skaCOASTER10I know I usually try to concentrate on playing all of ya’ll new ska, but yeah, this is a load of, well, older stuff. Much of it is music that I can’t believe I missed to be honest! Also, traditionally, this is the least downloaded/listened to podcast of the year. Maybe there’s something else going on that keeps people busy on a Thursday, who knows. Anyway, if you’re here, thanks! You are the best and keep this little podcast afloat!

00:00 – the Upstarts – So Sharp (the Upstarts ’07)
03:35 – Ariel & Les Va-Nu-Pieds – Minuit Au Pôle Nord (Les Souliers ’18)
06:52 – the Blue Collars – el Cid (It’s Casual… ’98)
10:27 – the Toasters – Fire in My Soul (Don’t Let the Bastards Grind You Down ’97)
14:16 – Captain Ska – U.S. Healthcare Explained (U.S. Healthcare Explained ’12)
17:33 – Ruder Than You – Misskaculation (Horny for Ska ’96)

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