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23min of Ska : Turn Your World Upside Down

23skaUpsideI’ll be the first to admit that I don’t listen to enough ska from around the world. I’m mostly fixated on Southern California and the American Midwest. I’ve gotten a bit better at finding bands from Canada and the UK, but I still feel as if I need more of a worldly view. So, in that fashion I went out and dedicated a full episode to Australian ska music. In the end, good music is good music no matter where you come from, but a small highlight like this is worth it every now and again.

the Resignators – Summer Girl Smile (Down in Flames ’13)
the Cat Empire – the Chariot (the Cat Empire ’03)
los Capitanes – Superfish (No Fun Intended ’06)
the Bennies – Better Off Dread (Better Off Dread ’13)
Son of Dad – Something Snapped (the Best Life ’13)
the Allniters – Sally Brown (Another Fine Mess ’00)
Area-7 – Now I Know (Say it to My Face ’01)

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