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23min of Ska : Perfectly Unpowered

23ska8BALLThe original idea for this episode was for each song to be from a solo act. From there I said “No! It should be all acoustic!” Now, to be fair, I didn’t make sure that they are all exactly acoustic songs, but they mostly are, so, you know, here’s a (mostly?) acoustic set of ska songs for you all to unplug and unwind to.

00:00 – Chris Murray – Rock Steady (4-Track Adventures ’96)
02:52 – Deal’s Gone Bad – Run From Me (Sweet Serenade ’09)
07:31 – Dan Potthast – 8 Eyes (Eyeballs ’99)
09:41 – Half Past Two – Heather (Heather ’14)
11:20 – Drewvis – Short Measures (Disposable Pleasures & Meaningful Pursuits ’11)
13:57 – Matt Wixson – Oh Starcia (Head Above Water ’11)
16:50 – Beng Beng Cocktail – Dying in Honor (Choices ’12)
20:05 – Reel Big Fish – Scott’s a Dork (Skacoustic ’10)

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