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Midweek Ska World Update

Relevant Kickstarter/BigTunes Campaigns
Big D & the Kids Table wants to make 2 new albums are over halfway to goal
Sammy K & the East Los Three want to make and album and are just $900 away from their goal
Blame Sydney is almost at the goal for their new album
Urban Pirate Records wants to get out a 5 piece 7″ set w/ a whole mess of great ska bands, check this out

New Music / Cheap Music
the new EP from the Snails, “the River”, is on sale for $3 until Friday
Jimmy the Squirrel has released the first single of their upcoming album
By The Rivers’ new single might be a few weeks old, but still worth your time if you missed it
Community Records will hold their 6th Download Day on Feb 14th w/ free downloads from Stuck Lucky & others
All the records from last year’s Big Ska Gamble subscription are in and ready to ship everywhere
New album from ska-core band Best of the Worst album is now streaming and available for pre-order.

Fishbone are on tour and will continue to do so throughout Feb into early March.
This Saturday, Feb 9th, is SkaWars 2013 in Los Angeles, CA.
The Suburban Legends are getting ready to head to the UK in 2 weeks.
If you’re in Germany on Feb 23rd head on out out to Viva Con Ska Punk
In that vein, it looks like Wisecracker will be all over the place after that show.
Jamaican Oldies Weekend will be on in Chicago on March 1st & 2nd.
Sometime in March the Specials will be touring America.
The London International Ska Festival starts on March 28th.

Other (We Should’ve Seen This Coming) News
Streetlight Manifesto’s newest album has been delayed… again.

23min of Ska : Liquor is Quicker

I’ve been paying attention my little listeners, you all seem to like ska from the 90’s, female vocals, ska-punk and music from the US, Canada and the UK. This I can do. So I’m working it in more as we go on. I still gotta play what I love and that is newer ska from everywhere and some traditional ska, so let’s get this in balance! We have some awesome UK ska here from Bombskare, a track from one of my favorite LA bands, the Bohunks (who always tear it up live) and a song from the Kim Basinger Band who I found out about on the r/ska forum on Reddit. Not a bad place to hang out and find new bands. From Spain w/ have some traditional sounds from the Hypocondriacs, some radness from Canada in the form of Class Action and then Run and Punch, who are not only a great band, but some of the nicest guys to be in contact with. We close it out w/ Goldfinger’s “Walking in the Dark” a song that was almost lost in time in the 90’s on a movie soundtrack that most people didn’t seem to pick up (seriously, I had a hard time tracking it down again). So as we head into the second half of 2012 “23min of Ska” has re-focused and is committed to bringing you the sounds that you want to hear mixed the ones that I want to play for you. Let’s keep kickin’ ass ’til December!

Bombskare – My Life in the Nineties (Fistful of Dynamite ’09)
the Bohunks – Dillinger (In the Waiting Room ’11)
the Kim Basinger Band – Meeting You Again (Between Sin & Sanity ’06)
Hypocondriacs – Cook ’em Up (60’s Rocksteady & Reggae ’10)
Class Action – City Streets (Class Action ’10)
Run and Punch – Dearly Departed (Dearly Departed ’12)
Goldfinger – Walking in the Dark (Dead Man on Campus soundtrack ’98)

If you’re in a ska band and would like to be interviewed or have a song featured, please email me at radjose[at]gmail[dot]com.

This episode and all episodes can always be found here. You can also subscribe to the podcast by going to your advanced tab on iTunes, then select “subscribe to podcast…” and entering this address: http://23minofska.podomatic.com/rss2.xml into the box that opens. Also if you’d like, find & like us on facebook. Feel the love and download this episode!

Also, hit up www.BigSkaGamble.com for some awesome ska 7″ records.

Big Ska Gamble BONUS!

Bonus! As part of the Big Ska Gamble project, anyone who donates at the $36 level or higher will get a bonus 7″ record! That’s right, six records wasn’t enough, we’re adding a seventh record to full subscribers. It will be split record from Whatevski Recording artists Sammy Kay & the Fast Four and Jorge & the Landladies! Can you believe that!? Seriously, we have until the end of Saturday to make our cash so we can make these records! Let’s go people! Let’s go!

the Big Ska Gamble Video