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23min of Ska : Halloween Special!

Did… did I go too far with this one? It’s the sixth “Halloween Special” I’ve done, and I didn’t want to disappoint… but I fear I may’ve gotten a little carried away with the spooky ska sounds. Enjoy it… if you dare!

00:00 – Blossom – Happy Day (My Own Little World ’95)
03:28 – Grave Danger – Wake the Dead (Wake the Dead ’22)
06:56 – BomWise – You’ve Been Ghosted (You’ve Been Ghosted ’22)
10:33 – the Valkyrians – Astro Zombies (Punkrocksteady ’14)
13:11 – the Magnetics – Poison Heart (Cocktails & Fairytales, Vol. 1 ’20)
16:17 – the Big Skandal – Lovers Lane (Lovers Lane ’21)
19:25 – Rudebeard – Rudebeard meet the Goat of Mendes (Rudebeard meet the Goat of Mendes ’21)

Keep this spookiness with you… until death!

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