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23min of Ska : Vacation : the Ska Show with Beefy

Still on vacation, still need someone to bring you all some rad as heck ska… so why not ask Beefy from the Ska Show with Beefy to bring a bunch of Australian ska for your entertainment! Also did you know that Beefy holds a World Record too! Beefy is officially recognized by Guinness as The World’s Biggest Sports Fan! Check out his other project & podcast – 365 Days of Sport!

00:00 – Area 7 – Nobody Likes a Bogan (live) (Live at Corner Hotel ’12)
02:55 – the Porkers – Alcohol (live) (Live at Nakanoshima ’04)
06:51 – Wiseacre – Let’s Go Bowling (Make Those Bodies Sing! ’99)
09:40 – Chris Duke & the Royals – Music and Maniacs (Music and Maniacs ’11)
12:40 – the Resignators – Fish Outta Water (Fish Outta Water ’15)
15:22 – Special Brew – Vegemite (?? ‘1?)
17:40 – Strange Tenants – Soldier Boy (Blue Beat Party ’84)
20:12 – Blowhard – Sexual DV8 (live) (Hornbag ’96)

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