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Special : You Call It Vol. 7

23skaBEERSSo a few weeks ago I asked folks what song got them ska and I got a lot of good answers. So many good answers I made that the theme of last week’s episode. But there were some more great songs left over that I didn’t get to include, and after I posted the last episode I received more comments with more great tracks that got folks into the ska sound. Basically, I couldn’t resist doing another fat stack of your favorite tunes so soon.

00:00 – Operation Ivy – Sound System (Energy ’89)
02:11 – Blue Meanies – Grandma Shampoo (Kiss Your Ass Goodbye ’95)
05:34 – Catch Twenty-Two – Hey Sergio (Keasbey Nights ’98)
08:04 – Voodoo Glow Skulls – Insubordination (Who is, This is ’93)
11:17 – No Sports – Stay Rude, Stay Rebel (King Ska ’89)
15:47 – Mustard Plug – Skank by Numbers (Big Daddy Multitude ’93)
18:18 – the Allstonians – Walking in the Sand (Go You! ’94)

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23min of Ska : Meanies

Woo! More ska, and it is some of the meanest, rudest ska around this time for you. Or maybe not. I could’ve went more crass, but that didn’t turn out to be nearly as much fun as I thought it would, so much for a “theme episode”. If there’s a theme at all, I think it would be that a lot of these bands never really got their “due” as it were, in fact I think only the Suicide Machines did. I think the Blue Meanies were close and of course the Hub City Stompers, Amphetameanies and Johnny Nine & the Racers still have a chance if anyone would pay attention to how good they are. Sorely missed are Secret Society who are all but forgotten but always put on a hell of a show, and their album isn’t even bootlegged on dozens of websites like a lot of their other late 90s contemporaries.

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