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23min of Ska : Pints to a Gallon

23skaBEERSBang, this episode gets off with a real start! Hey, it’s a brand new song from the Backyard Superheroes off their brand new EP! It really kicks off this episode thematically too! That’s right, all these songs have a thing or two in common. It’s cool, you don’t have to guess, all the songs feature drinking in some form. Not saying it is good, not always even the focus of the song in question, but drinks, they will be had! And hell, why not, in America it is a holiday weekend, so pop corks and twist the caps, and have a great time!

00:00 – Backyard Superheroes – Face It (Let’s Get Dangerous ’03)
02:37 – the Pietasters – One More Bottle of Beer (the Pietasters 1992 – 1996 ’03)
04:55 – Bomb the Music Industry – (Shut) Up the Punx!!! (Scrambles ’09)
07:30 – Smoke Like a Fish – Romance (Smoke Like a Fish ’02)
09:38 – the Toasters – Monkey’s Can’t Drink (Rare as Toast ’03)
13:09 – Squirt Gun Warriors – Give Me Something to Complain About (Lucky Hat ’13)
15:38 – the Bone Daddies – Booze Bottle Crown (Sinister City ’13)
19:31 – Reel Big Fish – Beer (Turn the Radio Off ’96)

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