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23min of Ska : Brock Sampson

23skaSAMSONBrock: You have some dangerous machinery for sale here. I think you’re begging for trouble on this one.
Dr. Venture: I thought you handled all that. And I don’t hear any big ideas from you on how to get some quick cash. C’mon, most of this stuff is old crap my dad left behind.
Brock: (exasperated) DOC! You have a table over there with a sign that says “laser death ray bargain bin”!
Dr. Venture: (dismissively) Well, that’s why you have your little ska band there, to keep the oddballs in costumes from raising Cain.

00:00 – the Boss Beats – Return to Spider-Skull Island (Red Handed ’11)
03:40 – Crash the Owl Party – Broken Teeth (Dealer’s Choice ’18)
06:13 – Bruce Lee Band – Brother, Brother (Bruce Lee Band ’97)
07:31 – Call Me Malcolm – Restore Factory Settings (I was Broken when You got Here ’18)
11:13 – Vieja Skina feat. Mr. T-Bone – Skandinavia (el Regreso de la Luna Verde ’17)
15:32 – Mad Caddies – She (Punk Rocksteady ’18)
18:30 – BowCat – Ghosts in the End (Ghosts in the End ’18)

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