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23min of Ska : A Finer World

Art credit : Bryan Hitch, Paul Neary & Laura DePuyHave you ever tried hard not to make a ska pun? I’m fighting it right now… and I even hate ska puns, but you know… some days… Any way, here we are, another set of great ska, reggae and ska/punk songs for you to enjoy, with just a hint of a theme going on… kinda. So yeah, this is what you can kind of expect for several of these episodes, kinda, sorta, maybe based on some of my absolute favorite comics. And yeah, I may start slightly bending some of my rules on replaying songs here, because if you are doing a show about “the Authority” and you don’t include “Jenny Drinks” you are messing up!

00:00 – James Shaw – Whiskey Devils (Go Rude Boy Go ’20)
02:54 – No Authority – Be O.K. (This is Your Time ’19)
06:40 – Catbite – Midnight Eyes (Catbite ’19)
08:36 – the Punchers – Apollo 11 (Hey, Apollo! This is Horror! ’19)
13:48 – los Aggrios – Alcohol (Alcohol / Manten La Fe ’20)
16:27 – Brehdren – Midnight (Pacific Sound System comp ’14)
20:11 – the Interrupters – Jenny Drinks (Say it Out Loud ’16)

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Episode artwork by: Bryan Hitch, Paul Neary & Laura DePuy
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