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23min of Ska : Holiday Special!

I’m I getting cynical, or are the holidays just not what they used to be? Or is it that I’m old? Or out of touch? Or is this just bit because of the songs I picked for this year’s holiday special, and I actually enjoy the holidays? The world may never know…

00:00 – TAFB – Yule Be Sorry (Maybe Next Year: A Totally Awesome Fun X-Mas ’09)
01:49 – Backyard Superheroes – I Hate the Holidays (On the Upbeat Presents… Arose Such a Clatter 2021 comp ’21)
03:53 – Devon Kay & the Solutions – Christmas Wrapping (Christmas Wrapping ’21)
07:36 – Bryan Cranston Crayon Box – Sprite Cranberry (I Miss You) [Winter Spiced Remaster] (Sprite Cranberry (I Miss You) ’20)
10:20 – Common Sense Kid – You’re Not Ruining Christmas (You’re Not Ruining Christmas)
13:43 – Keegan ft. the Pressure Tenants – Lonely This Christmas (Block Buster – Tribute to Glam Rock comp ’21)
16:29 – the Third-Rates – Let’s Skip Christmas (Let’s Skip Christmas ’21)
19:08 – Inokasira Rangers – Wonderful Christmastime (Wonderful Christmastime ’20)
21:21 – Urban Crater – XMasX (On the Upbeat Presents… Arose Such a Clatter 2021 comp ’21)

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