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23min of Ska : Vacation : Ska Punk International

So I decided I needed a vacation, but who could fill for me and still do a rad job? Well it’s Chris over at Ska Punk International, of course! Chris wanted highlight his recent release of “Songs for Moms Volume 1.” The proceeds for this comp go to go to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. This is only about half the tracks on the comp, so buy it and get the full awesomeness!

00:00 – Boss Battle – Nothing Compares 2 U (Songs for Moms Volume 1 ’21)
03:31 – Half Past Two – More Than a Woman (Songs for Moms Volume 1 ’21)
06:07 – Common Sense Kid – Material Girl (Songs for Moms Volume 1 ’21)
09:27 – Eichlers – God Only Knows (Songs for Moms Volume 1 ’21)
11:13 – los Kurados – Feliz, Feliz (Songs for Moms Volume 1 ’21)
13:50 – Rude Machine – Mama Liked the Roses (Songs for Moms Volume 1 ’21)
16:03 – Buena Suerte – Con los AƱos Que Me Quedan (Songs for Moms Volume 1 ’21)
19:33 – the Bandulus – I Thank You (Songs for Moms Volume 1 ’21)

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