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23min of Ska : Old Fashioned

Here’s what I was originally cooking up last week! A whole episode chock full of classic ska. I really can’t believe that I haven’t played most of these before. I know some of the mastering of these songs is a little shoddy, and even bought some new ones because the transfer is so much better on comps that came out a few years ago vs. the comps I bought back in the ’90s. This is the roots, this is the good stuff, hope you enjoy!

00:00 – Millie – Oh, Henry (Sweet William / Oh, Henry ’64)
01:49 – Derrick Morgan – Do the Beng Beng (Do the Beng Beng / Revenge ’68)
03:56 – Prince Buster and the All Stars – Hard Man fe Dead (Hard Man fe Dead ’67)
07:14 – The Original Ska-Talites – Lee Oswald ‎(Ska Authentic ’67)
10:09 – Laurel Aitken & the Blue Beats – Bar Tender (Bar Tender ’61)
12:39 – Keith & Ken – I don’t Love You Anymore (Jamaican Jerk ’66)
14:41 – the Wailers – Rude Boy (Rude Boy / Ringo’s Theme ’65)
16:58 – the Ska Kings – Oil in My Lamp (Jamaican Ska / Oil in My Lamp ’64)
19:19 – Toots and the Maytals – Pressure Drop (Sweet and Dandy ’68)

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Special : In the Sixties… Vol. 2

Another installment of fine, fine 60’s ska goodness. These are songs that I love and don’t always get the opportunity to share in being that I’ve always tried to run a more modern ska show. Forget about listening to this stuff and getting to know the roots of ska, listen to it because these are truly great ska songs from any era!

the Wailers – Hooligan (Hooligan / Maga Dog ’65)
Roy & Millie – We’ll Meet (Millie & Her Boyfriends ’64)
the Uniques – Secretly (Love Kiss Blue / Secretly ’69)
the Jiving Juniors – Over the River (Over the River / Hip Rub ’61)
Byron Lee & the Dragonaires – Last Night (Jamaica Ska / Last Night ’64)
Fitz Bryan, Lord Creator & the Prince Buster All Stars – Evening News (Evening News / Good for Creator ’65)
Lord Tanamo – Come Down (Come Down / I’m Holding On ’63)
Clive & Gloria with the Blue Stars Group – Do the Ska (Do the Ska / You Made Me Cry ’64)
Justin Hinds & the Waves with Tommy McCook & the Supersonics – Drink Milk (Drink Milk / Travel with Love ’69)
Winston Samuels – Broken Hearted (Broken Hearted / What Have I Done ’65)

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