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23min of Ska : May Mix Tape : Side A (part two)

Even more mid to late 90s ska excitement. Still in mix cassette form. As near as I can get in this digital age at least. This is the second half of the first side and maybe some of the names aren’t as big as were on the last one, but they run just a deep in my musical life as any of the rest. Heck, four of these bands I’ve seen live a hand full of times and they always brought the fun. Back when there was a ska show, just about every other week (where I grew up at least) bands that brought the house down live were what you wanted to go see, no questions asked, that’s what it was all about. A band just needed to get that crowd dancing, with punky excitement or steady grooves, it mattered not. If there were more people on the dance floor than standing with their arms crossed around the edges, if there were more soak through suits, dresses and t-shirts than there was dry, if there was hardly any barrier between the band and the crowd, well, you went and bought their tape or CD, you kicked in a few extra for some after show beers and you made sure to see them the next time they were near.

Johnny Socko – Vinnie’s Hooch (Oh, I do Hope it is Roast Beef! ’95)
the Articles – Mr. Pink (Flip F’real ’97)
the Insteps – Don’t Ask (Eleven Steps to Power ’96)
the NY Citizens – Boxer Shorts (the Rude Awakening 2 comp ’90)
the Aquabats! – Marshmallow Man (the Return of the Aquabats! ’96)
the Robustos – Don’t Stay Away (Introducing… ’97)
Save Ferris – Sorry My Friend (Introducing… ’96)

This is part two of a 90min ska mix tape from the nineties running each Thursday throughout May.

If you’re in a ska band and would like to be interviewed or have a song featured, please email me at radjose[at]gmail[dot]com.

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