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23min of Ska : Houses of the Rudy

Have you heard the news? Ska is back! Oh you knew that… well… awesome! Glad you are listening, and thanks!

00:00 – the Step Daughters – Right Sound (the Right Sound ’22)
02:57 – Cartoon Violence – Black Book (Tit for Tat ’13)
06:14 – Mr. Kingpin – Actions Speak Louder (Introducing Mr. Kingpin ’21)
09:06 – Half Past Two – Your Way, Your Time (Your Way, Your Time ’22)
11:44 – Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra – 9 (SKA=ALMIGHTY ’21)
14:23 – AKA the Syndicate – Average Man (AKA the Syndicate ’21)
17:53 – ChainSka Brassika – Eye Scratcher (Tales of a Londoner ’22)

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23min of Ska : Music Like Oxygen

23skaSKYBam! The ska hits, they just keep coming! They’re like something that you just can’t do with out. Sounds familiar. Anyway, what do we have hear? Some more awesome and fresh tracks! We have a brand new track from Half Past Two’s forthcoming EP and a track from Chainska Brassika’s forthcoming album! Woah! Too much killer new stuff! Also that Bumpin Uglies track just came out last week, and that track from the Kings, just two weeks ago! It is seriously good stuff! Not to say that the rest is old and ok, no no my friends, it is all good! Trust me, this is one episode that you cannot do without!

00:00 – Half Past Two – Mastering Karate (Mastering Karate ’15)
02:55 – MU330 – Wide Awake (Chumps on Parade ’96)
04:17 – the New Limits – Pressure Up (Pressure Up ’15)
07:38 – Chainska Brassika – Bad Habits (from their forthcoming album ’15)
10:40 – the Last Slice – Sea of Unknown (Underground ’14)
13:40 – Bumpin Uglies – Grass is Greener (Freakout Hell Bus ’15)
16:34 – the Kings – Frigid (the Kings ’15)
20:01 – Buck-O-Nine – Swimming in Sand (Libido ’99)

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