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23min of Ska : Hell Morning!!!

Oh heck yeah! Kicking off w/ a brand new song from Paul the Kid! I’ve been a fan of Paul for a time and he never fails to deliver! I hope you all dig it as much as I do! After a killer Bruce Lee Band tune we move on to some fun recently released tracks, like this fun track from the Intercepteurs out of Salisbury, UK, this absolute gem from Tape Girl, a fun benefit track from my pal Charlie Continental (of SPELLS and Mail Order Children fame) before ending with some classic tracks from Radical Kick, the Waitresses, and the Space Heaters.

00:00 – Paul the Kid – Palm Trees & Ciggies (Palm Trees & Ciggies ’20)
04:28 – Bruce Lee Band – If Only I Could Listen to My Heart (Rental!! Eviction!! ’19)
06:28 – the Intercepteurs – Once Bitten (You are Hear ’20)
09:14 – Tape Girl – …And You’re doing Nothing (…And You’re doing Nothing ’20)
11:27 – Charlie Continental feat. Daryl Wilson, Ella Sugar and the Calgary Family Singers – Be Much Better (Be Much Better ’20)
13:11 – Radical Kick – Satsa På Dej Själv (Satsa På Dej Själv ’81)
16:13 – the Waitresses – No Guilt (Wasn’t Tomorrow Wonderful? ’81)
19:54 – the Space Heaters – the Girl Next Door (the Space Heaters ’96)

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Art by: Cliff Chiang and Matt Wilson
From the book: “Paper Girls”

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