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23min of Ska : Maxwell Smart

23skaSMARTThis episode of 23min of Ska was sourced by an insanely large ska CD & LP collection by 23 ska scholars. Would you believe it? Hmmm . . . Would you believe a handful of ska aficionados and a healthy stack of ska CDs? How about one sleepy guy with his browser opened on bandcamp.com sorted to “ska”? I hope I wasn’t out of line with that crack about my sleepiness or my lack of seriousness about creating this podcast.

00:00 – the Toasters – Too Hip to be Cool (New York Fever ’92)
03:26 – Something to Do – Richard Spencer Punched in the Head (Richard Spencer Punched in the Head ’18)
06:18 – Codename Colin – Losing Touch (Outgunned ’17)
09:53 – the Siren Six! – C.O.N.F.U.S.I.O.N. (Young and Professional ’98)
12:39 – Maxwell Smart – Organized Chaos (Infinite Appeal ’10)
16:12 – Scheming Thieves – Maximum Effort (a Classic Ruse ’18)
19:00 – Melbourne Ska Orchestra – Get Smart (Melbourne Ska Orchestra ’13)

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