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23min of Ska : RJ Phoenix Must Die!

Another astonishing, amazing and extraordinary episode of 23min of Ska gold for all you fallen angels and hellions! It’s down right uncanny how ska factors into life and is a force to be reckoned with! So here’s another inferno of an episode to enjoy, because ska is immortal!

00:00 – Flying Raccoon Suit – Run Away (the Shape of Ska Punk to Come Volume II comp ’21)
01:54 – Skavoovie & the Epitones – Beardman Ska (Fat Footin’ re-release ’22)
04:54 – Catbite – Everybody Talks (Wavebreaker #2 ’22)
07:46 – Monkey – Pride & the Animal (Station Wagon Living ’02)
11:20 – We Are The Union – Rasputin (Rasputin ’21)
14:15 – the Kinky Coo Coo’s – Full of Hope (Full of Hope / Alive Brain ’09)
17:13 – Grey Matter – Senator (GREY MATTER x SHARKANOID ’18)
18:45 – Courtesy of Tim – Phoenix (Tomorrow Again ’21)

If you want to jam out to this episode at anytime, feel free to download it!

23min of Ska is produced weekly by RJ Phoenix
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Thanks to Jessica for sharing Worm & Mazzy with us for this episode!

23min of Ska : I Know Why the Rude Bird Kills

Now in glorious Extra SKA!
This week’s 23min of Ska is just, it’s just some of my favorite stuff made by some of my favorite people! Everyone on this episode is good people, great in fact. The fact they they do the ska is a plus!

00:00 – Backyard Superheroes – Keep Fishin’ (Ari hates this. A Ska tribute to Weezer comp ’22)
01:59 – the Holophonics – Ghoulish Overkill (Phantom Arrival ’18)
05:17 – the Pomps – No More Smiles (the Smoking Pomps ’17)
07:54 – Devon Kay & the Solutions – No One is Thinking About You (Grieving Expectation ’22)
10:58 – Space Monkey Mafia – Underground (FOLDS – A Ska Tribute to Ben Folds comp ’22)
14:58 – Courtesy of Tim – Human Resource (Tomorrow Again ’21)
18:33 – Must Build Jacuzzi – the Punisher / Downtown (These Tracks Have Energy: A Tribute to MU330 comp ’22)

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23min of Ska is produced weekly by RJ Phoenix
Dancing RJ silhouette by David Buist
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(no Spotify or Youtube links please)
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23min of Convoy : This is Your Brain on Ska Box!

23skaTRUCKERconvoyCASSIEBECKYHey, guys! This is SKA BOX- an all ska subscription box, sending music, merch and more- straight to your door. Bringing you great ska bands, brands, and labels from around the world.

SKA BOX is owned and ran by Cassie and Becky. Made for ska fans by ska fans, boxes are curated each month to fit various themes.  Boxes come with 5+ items, such as stickers, download codes, CDs, pins, etc., and always include a t-shirt and music. The most recent box was Women in Ska, highlighting women in the ska scene- including artists, musicians, and vocalists. The next box will be the Ska Parade Tour box, highlighting Tazy’s 30th Anniversary Tour, the Ska Movie Bluray Release Party, and the great bands that were part of the tour.

Boxes are $35 a month, with free domestic shipping. One-time purchases are also available. The order deadline is the 5th of each month. Boxes ship the 15th of each month.

Song Selection:

Soul Ska- Propaganda
Soul Ska was in our most recent box. They are a super soulful, rocksteady- heavy band from the Bay Area in California. “Propaganda” is a fierce, politically-charged dance tune. It’s one of our favorite songs right now.

The Classy Wrecks- Northern Reggae
“Northern Reggae” is a smooth rocksteady jam from The Classy Wrecks out of Ontario. This is one of our favorite songs from The Classy Wrecks. We love the relaxed reggae, rocksteady vibe.

The Rough Customers- Bounce
The Rough Customers were also in our most recent box! Did someone say ska from Kentucky?! These guys are high-energy female-fronted ska-punk. We are big fans of their style. “Bounce” has fun, catchy lyrics and brings an awesome girl-power vibe.

Courtesy of Tim- Where’s Ken?
These guys have the greatest energy. Super fun, skank-your-ass off ska-punk from Wisconsin! “Where’s Ken?” is a fast-paced punk-laden song full of horns, and it makes us miss shows.

Flip The Switch- I’m So Over It
We’re big fans of Flip The Switch! They are phenomenal live. They are a feel-good band, with a heavy punk rock/third-wave influence that makes us want to dance! “I’m So Over It” is our go-to song from these guys.

00:00 – Soul Ska – Propaganda (Propaganda ’18)
04:38 – the Classy Wrecks – Nothern Reggae (Bedrocksteady ’18)
08:06 – the Rough Customers – Bounce (a Fool’s Endeavor ’18)
12:00 – Raise the Kicks – (It’s Not Another) Pretty Little Love Song (the Debut ’18)
15:29 – Courtesy of Tim – Where’s Ken? (Here’s the Thing, Winnie ’19)
17:55 – Flip the Switch – I’m so Over it (Snap-Crackle-Ska! ’05)
19:51 – Lumpy – the Other Side (the Other Side ’20)

RJ sez: Cassie and Becky really know their stuff and their Ska Box is a real easy and fun way to get some swell ska swag and music! If you can’t tell by their run down, I picked the Raise the Kicks and Lumpy song. The Raise the Kicks song just seemed to be fitting the vibe these women were laying out, and that band doesn’t get enough coverage. The song from Lumpy is a new one, and I love it! So I hope you do too!

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