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23min of Ska : Warning : Parental Advisory : Explicit Content

23Ska-ParentalAdvisorySwearing, it is as old and American as anything else I’ve ever encountered. Sure, the English, Scottish and Irish are more free with their swearing, and the Australians have elevated cussing to a higher art form, but there’s just something about American culture that makes American swearing so interesting to me. I only really remember my pops dropping the F-bomb twice while I was a kid, and that didn’t happen until I was well into high school. The first time was when he couldn’t find his hammers when we were installing new windows on the house. It is such a legend that my little brother does an impression so accurate that you’d think you’re right back in the middle of a hot Midwestern day and the old man has lost his patience with his goofball sons again. When ever Pops hears my brother do the impression he turns red with laughter. That’s what inspired this episode, good ole, hardworkin’, Midwest American swearing! OK, fine, not all these acts are American, and only one is from the Midwest, but you know what I don’t give a single one of, right?

7 Seconds of Love – Submarine (Danger is Dangerous ’08)
the Slackers – Attitude (the Radio ’11)
Less Than Jake – Ask the Magic 8 Ball (Losing Streak ’96)
Suicide Machines – I Don’t Wanna Hear It (Destruction by Definition ’96)
the Forces of Evil – Angry Anthem (Friend or Foe? ’03)
the Scandals – Rude Boy they suit Fuckin’ Head (Rude MEANS Skank ’10)
the Amphetameanies – Backbeat Fucker (Now! That’s What I Call… ’06)
Skinnerbox – Motherfucker (What You Can Do, What You Can’t ’97)
Big D & the Kids Table – Not Fucking Around (Fluent in Stroll ’09)

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