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23min of Ska : Speed of Light and then Some

23ska-bwplaidIn the last several weeks I’ve gotten a flood of messages from listeners expressing how much they’re enjoying the show and the bands that are being played! Firstly, thank you so much for all that! Secondly, if you dig the show, please check out the bands that are being played, buy their music, see them play in your town, and let them know you heard them on “23min of Ska”. Seriously, there’s so many ways to support this show, but the one that means the most to me is letting the bands know that found them and now you’re a fan of them. Keep on listening, keep on diggin’ it, I’ll keep on making them!

00:00 – Discoballs – Just One More Beer (Dance Like Nobody’s Watching ’14)
02:34 – the Delegators – It Ain’t Love (All Aboard ’13)
05:26 – Dallax – Six Rude Boy Machinegun (Big Proud ’09)
09:10 – Infamous Jake & the Pinstripe Mafia – Third Fight (This is the Beginning of the End ’03)
12:36 – Smerins Anti-Social Club – Walking in the Air (Primordial Cordial ’13)
15:42 – Lone Raspberry – Side Show Joe (Children of the Horn ’96)
17:11 – Clitorati – Takeout (At Least We’re Not Arby’s ’14)
19:02 – Stacked Like Pancakes – Suburban Superhero (Suburban Superhero ’14)

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