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23min of Ska : Jonesing for Some Ska

What more can I say about this great batch of ska/punk that the music isn’t saying itself? That’s right, I can’t! So listen up, because I’m not telling you again!

00:00 – Half Past Two – Scratched CD (Scratched CD ’21)
03:17 – Joker’s Republic – Bacon (9/11 for Peace comp ’21)
06:06 – Kmoy – Precure Love (Precure Love ’21)
08:59 – Abraskadabra – Cattle Life (Make Yourself at Home ’21)
11:45 – the Inevitables – Tiki Bar at the End of the World (Doomsday Florida ’21)
13:44 – Raus Aus Mein’ Haus – Kein Applaus (Bla Bla Bla Irgendwas Mit SKA ’21)
17:04 – DeadBeat at Dawn – Green Inferno (Dyscopia ’21)
20:20 – Utolsó Alkalom – Jól csengő egészség (Laci sütödéje ’21)

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23min of Ska : Dual Tracked

23skaCOASTER8Once again I’m just dropping a ton of new ska (with some well picked older song) on you! Hope that’s ok! More than that, I hope that your Summer is going well and that you’re all doing OK. It’s been a hectic one over here, getting the new house set up, oh man! But it’ll be great in a bit. Trust me when I say, when things are hectic take a small break where you can, and only for as long as it needs to be, then push on through, the reward will be awesome and you didn’t burn yourself out either. Double bonus!

00:00 – DeadBeat at Dawn – Pushin’ Poison (DeadBeat at Dawn ’18)
03:05 – King Kong Girio – When the Needle Drops (When the Needle Drops ’18)
05:25 – the Delirians – Musical Remedy (Musical Remedy / el Gigante ’11)
09:39 – 78 RPM’s – 21st Street Bash (Go ’98)
11:39 – Popes of Chillitown – Lego Prisoners (Work Hard, Play Hard, See You in the Graveyard ’18)
16:07 – the Mushmen – Lovell is for Lovers (Lovell is for Lovers ’18)
19:46 – Something to Do – I Want to be with You (Design for Living ’18)

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