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23min of Ska : Trust is Under Valued


Trust can take a long time to build up and can be destroyed very quickly. That’s kind of the theme that’s going on here. Hopefully I have your trust each week to take you on a fun little ska journey each week and introduce you to great bands from today and the past. I hope that you trust me enough to always be picking great bands from around the world that play the ska. And I trust that all of you are entertained.

00:00 – the Insteps – Saladin (Eleven Steps to Power ’96)
04:23 – die Tornados – das war eine Scho╠łne Party (Go Out and Dance ’06)
06:41 – Highball Holiday – Multiple Personality Disorder (Highball Holiday ’97)
08:23 – the Forthrights – Trust Me (the Forthrights ’12)
10:23 – OreSkaBand – Bouquet (What a Wonderful World! Vol. 2 ’12)
12:56 – los Furios – How the Mighty Have Fallen (Pacific Sound System ’14)
16:51 – the Interrupters – Can’t be Trusted (the Interrupters ’14)
18:42 – Do It With Malice – Commodity (the Burned-Over District ’10)

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